4 Awe Inspiring Alpharetta Arboretums

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One thing we have all gained more appreciation for lately is getting outside for some fresh air and peace of mind. In Alpharetta, Georgia getting in touch with nature is simple thanks to four expansive and pristine arboretums for you to explore. Located in and around our beautiful city, these tree gardens are specially cultivated for research, education and enjoyment.

Let’s Explore Each of Alpharetta’s Arboretums…

1. Cogburn Park & Arboretum

Take a stroll around the .2-mile trail at Cogburn Park & Arboretum to learn all about the types of trees that inhabit the area. Cogburn Arboretum features informational plaques on native trees including the Yellowwood, Ginkgo, Pin Oak, Water Oak, Pecan, Flowering Dogwood and Southern Magnolia. While the arboretum is perfect for those who are interested in learning more about the diverse flora that can be found in Georgia, Cogburn Park also features a large, open play area, a playground and picnic pavilions, making it a great spot for families to enjoy as well. As an eco-friendly bonus, all the rainwater collected in Cogburn Park & Arboretum is used for watering trees and other plants at the park.

2. Brooke Street Park & Arboretum


Nestled right behind City Hall in the heart of Downtown, Brooke Street Park & Arboretum often serves as the site of some of Alpharetta’s most popular live music events including the Brooke Street Park Summer Concert Series. The arboretum in the park features 14 varieties of beautiful springtime flowering trees like the Snow Goose Cherry and the Cherokee Brave Dogwood among several others. Along with this colorful arboretum, Brooke Street Park also includes a winding concrete path, a beautifully landscaped stream, open lawn, Veterans War Memorial and a small reading garden located between City Hall and the Fulton County Library.

3. Webb Bridge Park & Arboretum

Webb Bridge Park is an ideal spot for an afternoon in the park thanks to the natural beauty all around, as well as the many sports fields and courts, walking trail, picnic pavilions and playground. The Alpharetta Arboretum at Webb Bridge Park offers visitors a “Walk Through Georgia” thanks to the many trees in the arboretum that represent all three of Georgia’s geographic regions including the mountains, the Piedmont, and the Coastal Plain. This arboretum features upland hardwood forest, conifer forest and trees typically found in moist ravines and bottomland.

4. Wills Park Arboretum


The Wills Park Arboretum is Alpharetta’s largest and most diverse arboretum, featuring many native and non-native tree species in the 110-acre multi-use park. Visitors to Wills Park can learn all about the collection of trees that comprise the arboretum including some that can live up to 600 years and grow more than 150 feet tall! Once they’ve identified the 24 species of trees in the park, visitors can take advantage of Wills Park’s several sports fields, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, 1.8 mile walking trail, and even the Wills Park Pool, which underwent a total renovation in 2018.
With award-winning parks and nature paths to explore, Alpharetta’s outdoor activities offer something for everyone. For even more Awesome Alpharetta outdoor adventure ideas click here.