About Alpharetta

Perfectly positioned between the enchanting and adventurous North Georgia Mountains and the vibrant international city of Atlanta, Alpharetta conveniently gives you quick access to more than 300 things to do. Alpharetta is located 22 miles north from Atlanta and Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is located 36 miles from Alpharetta.

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  1. Named one of the Best Suburbs To Live In Georgia by – 2017
  2. Named one of the 30 best neighborhood in America – 2017
  3. Named one of the 50 safest cities in Georgia – 2017
  4. Named 25 best places to visit in Georgia by – 2016
  5. Named best cities for Tech (Outside California and New York) by Datafox – 2016
  6. Named #1 place where business in thriving by Entrepreneur – 2015
  7. Named one of the 10 best Atlanta suburbs by Movoto – 2015
  8. Named one of the best places to start a business in Georgia by Nerdwallet – 2015
  9. Named one of the best cities to start a restaurant by Nerdwallet – 2015
  10. Named one of the best cities for Women Entrepreneur by Goodcall – 2015
  11. Named best small city in Georgia by WalletHub – 2015
  12. Alpharetta is the 6th fastest growing city according to U.S. Census Bureau – 2013
  13. Named 7th friendliest city in the nation by Forbes – 2012
  14. Alpharetta listed as the top place to move by Forbes – 2009