Alpharetta Music City Venues

Throughout Alpharetta

Experience the lively beat of Alpharetta – a city with a distinctive musical character! Immerse yourself in an array of experiences featuring live performances, festivals, and a vibrant local music scene. Explore the diverse soundscape of Alpharetta, where different venues come together to craft a harmonious tapestry of musical moments. From intimate settings to outdoor concerts, Alpharetta’s musical rhythm invites exploration. Dive into the melodies of Awesome Alpharetta – where every visit unfolds as a musical adventure.
These venues collectively contribute to the rich musical tapestry of Alpharetta, offering something for everyone, from outdoor enthusiasts to jazz connoisseurs and those seeking a more intimate acoustic experience.

Alpharetta Arts Center

The Alpharetta Arts Center stands as a vibrant cultural hub, fostering creativity and artistic expression. This dynamic venue plays host to a variety of musical events, encompassing classical performances, contemporary concerts, and showcases by local musicians. Embrace the summer vibes at the Eclectic Lawn Concert Series by bringing your chairs, picnics, and family. These free monthly concerts occur on the 2nd Friday of each month from June to August, offering a variety of performances spanning Funk, Latin, Jazz, and Reggae.

Ameris Bank Amphitheatre

Featuring the biggest names in country, rock, and the top 40 from April to October, the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre provides a captivating setting for music lovers to experience unforgettable performances beneath the stars. With a seating capacity of 12,000, this state-of-the-art venue promises an unparalleled experience, thanks to its amazing acoustics. Whether you’re in the front row or enjoying the park-like lawn seats, every spot in the house ensures an incredible view.

Brooke Street Park

Nestled in the heart of Alpharetta, Brooke Street Park provides a captivating backdrop for an unforgettable live music experience. From soothing acoustic tunes to invigorating beats that beckon you to dance, Brooke Street Park’s live music events cater to all musical tastes, making it a destination not to be missed for those seeking the perfect blend of nature and sound. The Home by Dark at Brooke Street Park Concert Series offers free music on select Saturdays throughout the warmer months.

The Plaza at Avalon

Surrounded by upscale shops and eateries, this open-air space transforms into a captivating stage for diverse musical acts. From indie bands to acoustic soloists, The Plaza at Avalon offers a dynamic and stylish setting where visitors can immerse themselves in the rhythm of Alpharetta’s vibrant music scene. Music enthusiasts can unwind every Friday from April – October at Avalon Nights Live.

Roaring Social

Nestled in downtown, Roaring Social transcends the typical speakeasy experience by curating a lineup of talented performers who grace the stage with diverse genres and captivating melodies. Whether it’s the evocative strains of jazz or the electrifying energy of contemporary tunes, the live music at Roaring Social transforms the space into a haven for music enthusiasts.

Town Green

Alpharetta’s Town Green stands as a dynamic community hub, pulsating with the heartbeat of the town through a myriad of events, including the Wire & Wood Alpharetta Songwriters Festival and an engaging summer concert series. This vibrant venue, surrounded by shops and restaurants, transforms into an open-air stage, where residents and visitors alike converge for unforgettable musical experiences that harmonize with the lively energy of Alpharetta.

Union Hill Park

Union Hill Park provides an immersive live music experience that beautifully combines the allure of nature with captivating melodies. Amidst the lush greenery and expansive open spaces, the park resonates with the soulful sounds of talented musicians. Experience the magic of live music in this natural oasis with the Home by Dark Concerts at Union Hill Park one weekend each month from May to October.

The Velvet Note

Renowned for its dedication to jazz and soul, The Velvet Note is an upscale, intimate jazz club that provides an exceptional listening experience. With world-class performers and a sophisticated ambiance, it’s the perfect spot for those seeking refined musical enjoyment in Alpharetta.

Feel The Beat With These Other Music Options

Alpharetta Symphony

Alpharetta’s home orchestra provides the city, and all of North Fulton, with performances of incredible classical music, right in your backyard! From music of the Baroque era to music by modern-day composers and popular music that will leave you humming, the Alpharetta Symphony has you covered. The Symphony serves the city of Alpharetta through engaging educational programs and collaborations with other area arts organizations.

Live Music Match Ups

Music Match was created to bring original musicians to you to create a vibrant music scene year round in Alpharetta.