Book It to Alpharetta for a Literary Adventure: A Bibliophile’s Guide to Alpharetta

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Woman Reading Downtown Alpharetta

Diving into a good book can transport you into another world! Whether reading classic tales of heroes who vanquish monsters, flipping through a book of comics, immersing yourself in Shakespearean sonnets, or devouring the newest thriller by Karen Slaughter, books are essential to a great vacation. While visiting Alpharetta, pick up your next page-turner and enjoy a great story while relaxing at a park or before tucking in for a night of rest. You can embark on a literary adventure when you visit:

The Alpharetta Library by City Hall

Not only is the Alpharetta Library a great spot to read, their “Friends of the Library Store” is open once a day, so you can find reasonably priced books, even if you don’t have a library card! Visitors may even get lucky and catch the store’s monthly sale on the porch.

Barnes & Noble

One of the largest book retailers in the U.S., Barnes & Noble is guaranteed to have something for all ages and styles. You can explore seemingly endless shelves of novels, magazines, comics, and so much more. Sometimes, you can also purchase mystery books, rated by folks that have read and recommended the book for a surprise adventure you may have never discovered otherwise!

Posman Books

Posman Books is the perfect place to purchase your next read. Shelves and tables laden with literary gold that are waiting to be devoured. Cookbooks, memoirs, biographies, mysteries, histories and more will beg to be read. You may have a hard time picking just one!

Little Free Libraries

Little Library

Little Free Libraries are across the U.S. but each one is unique because you never know what you will find! Book lovers take their recent reads and exchange them for other well-loved books at these little libraries, making it easy to find a new story to love for free. There are several all over Alpharetta, including the Alpharetta Community Center, Cogburn Park and Avalon. You can download the Little Free Library app to see even more!

Page-Turning Havens

  1. The Nest Café

If you need a steaming latte or an extra chocolate-y hot cocoa, The Nest Café is your place to read. Hang out at a table inside on a chilly afternoon or bask in the sun while flipping pages at an outdoor seat. The Nest also offers excellent eats when you’re ready for a food break!

2. Brooke Street Park

Bring a blanket and a snack – you might be here for hours! Brooke Street Park is a great spot to read, whether you spread out on soft grass, perch on the rocks near a babbling creek or seek shade on a park bench. Surrounded by greenery and beautiful sculptures, you can peacefully focus on the plot.

3. At Your Hotel
Reading on Avalon Rooftop

Take your latest read poolside or snuggle into your cozy hotel bed, any of Alpharetta’s 30 hotels make for the perfect reading oasis. When you’re ready to disappear to a destination among the pages, revel in the comfort of your home away from home while in Alpharetta!

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