Explore Alpharetta’s Hidden Gems

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When Alpharetta comes to mind, you might think of the hundreds of unique retail options available at Avalon, North Point Mall and Downtown Alpharetta, or perhaps you think of the delectable dining options available around every corner. But just when you think you know all that Alpharetta has to offer, there’s even more art, history and beauty waiting to be explored. Follow along and we’ll guide you to some of our favorite “hidden gems” in Alpharetta that are part of our city’s unique charm!

Alpharetta Arts Walk

For the art lover or someone who appreciates a touch of the unique, the Alpharetta Arts Walk is a must-do. The self-guided walking tour will take you all around the city’s Downtown area to see permanent public sculptures like the “Twist and Shout” by Marc Moulton and Duke Oursler or “The Visitor” by Geemon Xin Meng. Additionally, “Omnium Gatherum” is Alpharetta’s second temporary exhibit (Summer 2022) also on display throughout Downtown Alpharetta. With a mix of permanent and temporary exhibits, Alpharetta ensures that you will always have some favorite art pieces to come back to, while also adding something new and exciting to keep you entertained! This tour gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the art, while also enjoying the gorgeous downtown area and putting you near divine dining and retail experiences.

Big Creek Greenway

The Big Creek Greenway is the perfect option if you love getting outdoors and feeling at one with local flora and fauna. The Greenway features 9 miles of paved walkway, with a nearly half-mile wood chip path and a combination mountain bike and hiking trail. All of this strollable space meanders through a flood plain formed by Big Creek, meaning you’ve got a fairly level trek ahead of you (so it’s definitely doable for walkers of all fitness levels!). Deer, wild turkey, and songbirds still call Big Creek Greenway home, but they’re happy to share their gorgeous space with visitors.

Walk of Memories

United states army helicopter on display

For those of you who love history or want to honor those who have bravely served our country, a visit to the Walk of Memories, located at American Legion Post 201 is a must! The only one of its kind in Georgia, this memorial pays tribute to U.S. veterans, family, and friends through a walkway of nearly 8,000 bricks inscribed with the names of Georgians who have served our country. Monuments along the walkway spotlight several conflicts, including WWII, Korea, and Vietnam Wars. The Walk of Memories also features a WWII M60 tank, a Vietnam-era UH-1 Huey helicopter and a 40mm Mark 1 twin gun mount removed from the USS Polk County on display, adding to this moving experience.

Disc Golf at Wills Park

For a unique sport that is easy to play with friends or family, Disc Golf is a fantastic option. Located at Wills Park, you will find a challenging course that everyone will enjoy. It is the perfect location to bring a picnic and have an afternoon of fun playing 18 holes of Disc Golf! The course at Wills Park is open year-round and no reservation is needed. Children and adults alike will love the game and enjoy Wills Park for its’ gorgeous greenery and spaciousness.

Motorcycle Safety Foundation

For a high-octane experience, zoom on over to the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for fun motorcycle and dirt bike training classes. Whether you are a gear head or simply have a need for speed, there’s heart-pounding fun for anyone aged six years old or above. Check out MSF’s DirtBike School, an ultra-cool six-hour session full of hands-on rider training on a closed range exercise course. That means full-throttle fun in the dirt with an emphasis on safety and skill development.

Mansell House & Gardens

Take a walk back in time at The Mansell House, a Queen Anne-style home constructed in 1912, that is filled with period antiques and surrounded by gorgeous gardens. An adaptive reuse project of the Alpharetta & Old Milton County Historical Society, the house and gardens bring the past and the present together. The Mansell House is a beautiful venue for wedding ceremonies, receptions, rehearsal dinners, meetings and more. The historic home and gardens are also a great option choice for those interested in local history or who love appreciating historic Southern architecture and beautiful gardens.

Community Garden

Calling all gardeners (or wannabe gardeners)! The Alpharetta Community Garden (ACG) at Wills Park is an organic educational garden where Alpharetta volunteer gardeners come together to learn, teach and share their gardening experience with each other, the community and visitors on how to grow and eat healthy fresh and delicious organic vegetables, herbs and fruits on a year-round basis. Even those who fear they don’t possess a “green thumb” will discover tricks and tips for gardening success!

Without a doubt, Alpharetta has something to offer everyone, and we hope that you take an opportunity to experience these one-of-a-kind experiences during your next visit. To experience more of Alpharetta’s unique offerings, turn your visit into an overnight adventure by booking a stay at any of Alpharetta’s 30 luxurious hotels. Book your Awesome Alpharetta accommodations directly here.