Fall in Love with Fitness in Alpharetta

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As Spring approaches, hemlines rise to accommodate the rising temperatures and sleeves get shorter as the days get longer. It’s the perfect time to start fresh. You put away heavy winter blankets, do a thorough Spring cleaning, and revamp your closet with Spring essentials—but have you thought about revamping your fitness regimen? There is no better time than today to start a new routine. Luckily, in Alpharetta you’ll find plenty of ways to focus your attention on that critical mind-body connection and focus on your health and wellness goals!

We’ve rounded up 5 studios that offer your first experience free. Try something new this Spring and start off Summer 2022 feeling your best!

1. Burn Boot Camp – 5950 North Point Parkway, Suite 120

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For a week of workouts, Burn Boot Camp offers a 7-day free trial to new guests. Focusing on both cardio and strength training, Burn Boot Camp’s 45-minute structure provides a balanced take on getting active. Offering multiple classes a day, with each day dedicated to different muscle groups throughout the week, there is bound to be a day and time that suits your needs. No matter your fitness level, the Burn Boot Camp trainers will challenge you and push you at the level that is best for you. For parents who want to work out but do not have childcare for their youngsters, Burn also offers Childwatch, where children can play in a staff supervised area.

2. Arthur Murray Dance Studio – 7855 North Point Parkway

So you think you can dance? Waltz, Tango, Samba, Rumba and Fox Trot your way into shape. Arthur Murray Dance Studio offers various levels of programs, so whether you’re looking for a fun new way to exercise or want to become the next Julianne Hough, there is a program for you. Not only will you relieve stress and improve your overall health, you’ll stand out on the dance floor and feel confident. Hustle over to Arthur Murray Dance Studio to dance your socks off!

3. Hotworx – 869 North Main Street

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For a unique exercise experience perfect to combat the cold weather and to help your body detox, check out Hotworx! Classes at Hotworx are virtually instructed in their patented saunas and designed to let you experience the benefits of infrared heat absorption. Take a 30-minute Isometric or a 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session. As the infrared heat causes you to sweat, the exercises target your muscles and accelerate your body’s process of ridding toxins. What makes Hotworx even better is that there is something for everyone. Take Hot Yoga, Hot Pilates, Hot Bands or any of their other isometric offerings, or try a Hot Cycle or Hot Blast HIIT workout! You’ll leave feeling warm and energized!

4. Club Pilates– 7160 Avalon Way

Club Pilates is all for finding a balanced, fulfilling life, no matter your age, lifestyle, or fitness level. Offering 70 classes per week, you’re practically guaranteed to find a class time that will work for your schedule. Based in the belief that all of your body’s muscles should be worked on together, you’ll feel aligned and healthy after your Pilates experience!

5. TITLE Boxing Club – 735 North Main Street, Suite 1700

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The first rule of fight club is you don’t tell anyone about fight club, but you’ll be dying to tell your friends about your boxing experience at TITLE Boxing Club. Practice your jab, cross, hook and uppercut combinations on a 100-pound punching bag and feel your stress melt away as you get in shape. With a trainer leading traditional boxing, kickboxing and mixed martial arts, you’ll get a serious sweat session and a learning experience. Even better, in a year where we want to stay active without much interpersonal contact, all you need is you, your gloves and the bag.

Want to get outside to get your blood pumping? During the short days of winter, some alfresco time in the sun can definitely boost your mood.As the days warm up and the sun hangs in the sky a little longer each evening, some alfresco time basking in the great outdoors can boost your mood. Alpharetta’s beautiful, award-winning parks are the perfect place to squeeze in a light jog or a friendly exercise routine. Take advantage of some of Alpharetta’s outdoor gym equipment at the Westside Fitness Park or bring the family or your furry friend to the Big Creek Greenway where you can walk, run, skate or bike along the 9-mile-long paved path.

Make your physical health a priority this Spring and remember to keep it FUN! For more ways to stay active, check out our full list full list here. Share your favorite workout experiences with us by tagging us @AwesomeAlpharetta or using our hashtag, #AwesomeAlpharetta!