Sensational Sips That Hit Different in Alpharetta

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Ladies Cheersing on a rooftop bar

From Carrie Bradshaw’s bubblegum pink Cosmopolitan to The Dude’s iconic swirling, ice-tinkling White Russian, James Bond’s deeply suave “shaken-not-stirred” Vodka Martini to Harry Potter’s magical experiences sipping sweet Butterbeer, beverages often play a pivotal role in iconic television and movie scenes—and for good reason. After all, what would a girls’ night out be without a wine stem in hand? Or the way an ice cold beer cracks open and cools you down during a day on the boat. Even the way a soda with that good crunchy ice elevates a road trip. Our sips are significant. Alpharetta is home to a wealth of local spots serving up pure liquid refreshment. Cocktails, mocktails, cold, hot, sweet, sour—whatever you’re craving is available for the sipping (maybe even the slugging back if you’re really thirsty!).

Here are just a few of our favorite locations serving up awesome sippable selections in Alpharetta:

1) Jekyll Brewing – A locally beloved watering hole that pays homage to Georgia with cleverly named beers like Cooter Brown and Southern Juice IPA, Jekyll Brewing has recently expanded their drink menu to feature fresh juices, creative cocktails, and mocktails so good you don’t even miss the alcohol. The Jazzy is a spirit-free summer-in-a-glass featuring blackberry preserves, lime juice, and simple syrup. Of course, if you’re there to discover your new favorite brew, the Pineapple Habanero Hot Dang Diggity IPA is fun as all get-out to order and hits you with a perfect blend of crisp pineapple and just a kiss of heat in tandem with traditional hopped up awesomeness.

Couples cheersing beers at a brewery

2) The Cape Beach Bar – Chic coastal dining (ahem, white linen optional!) with touches of South African-inspired dining and drinking equal epic summer fun at The Cape Beach Bar. While we’re always down for a glass of Excelsior, a well-rounded South African chardonnay boasting lively green apple and citrus with a creamy, dreamy palate, the summer sunshine begs for at least one Cape Town Colada, a frozen blend of Arcane rum, pineapple, coconut, and lime sure to put you right in your vacation era.

Girls cheersing drinks at restaurant

3) Rina – Rina offers casual Israeli eats inspired by the vibrant beach restaurants of Haifa and has plenty of drink options to complement the zest and zing of their pitas, kabobs, and bowls. Don’t miss the chance to try the Dor Habomin, a beachy twist on the traditional whiskey sour with peach tea, papaya, and lemon. Meanwhile, the Hof Day is sunshine in a cup (and sans alcohol!) with seasonal fruit and fresh lemon juice. For the perfect punctuation to any meal, be sure to treat yourself to the Turkish Coffee Milkshake for an unexpected heavenly blend of cardamom and orea crumble.

Bartender making a frozen drink

4) Clean Juice – Whether you’ve been hitting the other sips hard and are feeling a reset or your body is just craving fresh ingredients, Clean Juice Alpharetta delivers via cold-pressed juices and smoothies (plus chewable selections like acai bowls, avocado toast, and salads). We love The Hydrating One (watermelon, pineapple, and mint) for big thirst-busting energy. Of course, if you’ve been doing some brutal box jumps or you’re post-Pilates sweat session and need a “bring-me-back-to-life” moment, the appropriately named The Recovery One smoothie packs a protein boost with almond butter, almond milk, banana, honey, and strawberries.

5) One Zo Boba – Boba is such an experience—the sweet sigh of milk or fruit tea with the curious wonder of chewy boba balls bringing about a sensory burst that you really just have pop a straw in and slurp to believe. For a truly summery take, check out the Sea Bomb with Honey Boba, a beachy blue and sunset-hued sip with lychee and green tea.

Next-Level Bevvies Abound in Alpharetta

Whether you’re rehydrating or planning a big time with your besties, Alpharetta is bubbling with tasty drinks for every situation. Quench your thirst and quell your desire for a sweet escape by planning a trip to Alpharetta today.