Amore-Worthy Pizza In Alpharetta

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It’s been said that any pizza can be a personal pizza if you believe in yourself. But for most of us, pizza is a shareable, community experience. A slice for you, a slice for me—until that moment comes when all that remains are a few errant granules of parmesan cheese.

Pizza is love—cheesy and carb-y and so good with an ice-cold beer. It’s the food of our youth (ah, the post-game pies!), a taste of home in the shape of a triangle. In honor of the singular dietary staple that’s absolutely delicious both hot and cold, here are our picks for the best pizzas in Alpharetta:

1. Campania Alpharetta

Why: Campania pizzas have a near magical ability to transport diners straight to Italy. Old-World and wood-fired, these artisanal pies boast a thin, crispy crust with a stunning selection of fresh ingredients and creative toppings.
What to order: The Salmui Misti, a melty revelation of Fior-di-Latte Mozzarella and fontina cheeses topped with beautiful fresh basil.

2. Crust Pasta & Pizzeria

Why: Crust has the sauce-to-cheese ratio down to a gastronomic science (which, in our opinion, is absolutely critical!) and offers serious bonus points in the form of buttery, savory, and totally noteworthy Garlic Knots.
What to order: The Portobello Cheeseburger Pizza, featuring pomodoro, Crust’s special blend of pizza cheese, crumbles of ground beef, earthy portobello mushrooms, tomatoes, and a swift sprinkle of cheddar. Cheeseburger goodness plus craveworthy pizza equals a marriage made in foodie heaven.

3. Joe’s New York Pizzeria

Why: Reminiscent of the Big Apple, these big, foldable slices offer up just a hint of red sauce sweetness and plenty of gooey-not-greasy cheese. Joe’s is a cozy haven to get your ‘za on, and we’re especially sweet on their red sauce.
What to order: The Goat Cheese Deluxe, an innovative pie topped with crumbled Italian sausage, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and Joe’s scratch-made hot and sweet red pepper and onion relish. Trust us: It’s just crazy enough to work!

4. Mama’s Pizza

Why: Expertly charred and chewy with the ideal amount of crust bubbles (y’all know what we’re talking about!), Mama knows her way around a pizza pie! Voted the #1 Pizza in Alpharetta in 2010, this mainstay serves up comfort food in the food of carbs, cheese, and omg-worthy sauce. Bonus points for a next-level lunch special—just $6.95 for two generous slices.
What to order: My Wife’s Favorite Pizza is an aptly named menu can’t-miss. With feta, spinach, and tomato toppings all drizzled with ribbons of EVOO, it may just be your favorite too.

5. Vito’s Pizza & Ristorante

Why: Quite simply put, Vito’s is the only pie shop on our list with vegetarian and vegan varieties tasty enough to convince a carnivore that plant-based pizza can be perfection.
What to order: Gluten-free pizza with Daiya Vegan Cheese and Vegan Meatballs, a guilt-free option for those who are 100% veg that’s flavorful enough to be proudly shared with even the most T-Rex-like of appetites!

6. Antico Pizza

Why: A taste of Naples awaits at Antico. Here, you’ll find premier ingredients, quality service, and crispy crust. We also LOVE the selection of pizza-enhancing accoutrements like olive oils, fresh parm, crushed garlic, and pickled red peppers. Pick your pizza, then go wild with these add-ons on before you dig in.
What to order: The Margherita Pizza may be on just about every pizza joint’s menu, but at Antico, it’s a work of art. San Marzano Tomato meets decadent Bufala mozzarella cheese, basil, and garlic for a noteworthy spin on an Old-World favorite.

7. Colletta

Why: Influenced by Northern Italy, the inspired team at Colletta gets that one of the ultimate dishes to do family-style is none other than pizza. They’re a local favorite for their stunning selection of housemade pastas and amore-worthy wines, but pizza gets the star treatment thanks to imaginative touches and the kind of crust deliciously doughy enough that you wish you could take a nap on it (and then wake up to sink your teeth into it!).
What to order: The Calabrese, a pizza with the ante upped thanks to complex flavor pairings of Sopressata, smoky Calabrian chili, briny olives, mozzarella, and just a trickle of honey.

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