Only-in-Alpharetta: Awesome Local Eateries

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For many of us, the best part about exploring a new location is the food. A quick scroll through your Instagram will likely result in tons of pics and stories featuring artfully arranged sandwiches or expertly plated steak and fish. When it’s so good, it’s Insta-worthy—that’s how you know you’ve hit the restaurant jackpot.

Whether it’s at a hole-in-the-wall diner, a cute café, or an upscale eatery, the dishes we try are often the things we remember most about our trips and certainly the things we opine to our friends, family, and generally anyone who will listen.

As Alpharetta continues to cement its status as a foodie destination with over 200 dining experiences, we wanted to take a moment to pay homage to a few of the hot spots available only in our sweet little corner of Georgia. Here are four foodie must-try’s you can only get in Awesome Alpharetta:

1. Madras Chettinaad

If you’ve always wanted to try Indian food but had no idea where to begin, this is the dining destination for you. During lunch, Madras Chettinaad offers nearly 40 authentic Indian dishes on their extensive buffet—so when you come, bring your appetite! Start with the buttered naan, then work your way towards the crispy, spicy magic that is the Chicken 65. Other noteworthy options include the Chicken Chattinaad, Veggie Manchurian, and the Saag Paneer. Be sure to end your visit with the Gulab Jamun, deep-fried sweets made of milk powder, butter, and flour then soaked in a rosewater-scented sugar syrup. These little babies are so good, you might just find yourself asking for a to-go box.

2. The Southern Porch

You can’t really make a trip to the Peach State without having some good, old-fashioned Southern food! For the best in “like-momma-made-it” breakfast and lunch, look no further than The Southern Porch. This sweet eatery features Deep South classics like Chicken and Waffles, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Pimento Cheese. Our pick for can’t-miss menu item is the Dirty Bird, a culinary homage to Georgia featuring crispy fried chicken, fried egg, and potato browns all smothered with lip-smackin’ country gravy and served on a pillow-soft biscuit. You can get breakfast anytime you like there, and on Saturdays and Sundays the brunch ante is upped thanks to The Southern Porch’s Bloody Mary Bar and GIANT Mason Jar Mimosas. In short, The Southern Porch knows how to treat folks right.

3. Ramen Bar by Harjime

If ramen takes you back to little packets of chicken- and beef-flavored salt over a brick o’ noodles and all-nighters as a college student, prepare to have your mind blown. Ramen Bar by Harjime is a quaint ramen shop that specializes in mmmm and umami. Traditional ramen is all about building complex flavors and soul-soothing broth, and this culinary mainstay has it down to an epicurean art! While all of the ramen options are bursting with savory essences and creative ingredients, the most slurp-worthy soup you’ll experience is the Tonkotsu Bowl, a brothy revelation boasting braised pork belly and grilled shiitake mushrooms. Sensitive taste buds beware, though—Ramen Bar’s version of “spicy” packs one heckuva kick.

4. Valor Coffee

Coffee and conversation go together like espresso and steamed milk, and you’ll find plenty of each at Valor Coffee. As one of the area’s most beloved neighborhood coffee shops, Valor offers up friendly service with a side of creative caffeination! House-roasted beans set the stage for six different varieties of excellent coffee blends ranging from light and bright to big and robust. While you can’t go wrong with any of Valor’s espresso drinks, the Vanilla Lavender Latte is not to be missed! Order this refreshing, next-level latte over ice to quench your thirst during these steamy summer days. Bonus points to the team at Valor Coffee for providing cute “Valor 1st Timer” stickers to all patrons who are sampling their caffeinated delights for the first (though certainly not the last!) time.

Of all the extensive restaurant options in Alpharetta, over 50 of them are completely unique to this city! Break outside of the gastronomic norm by trying one (of all!) of the top-notch spots listed here. And, if time allows, add these other excellent only-in-Alpharetta dining experiences to your can’t-miss list! We expect to see some gorgeous food photos on your Insta any day now.