Get Your Brunch On In Alpharetta (because brunch is always a good idea)

In Food + Drink

Brunch is a time for fellowship, a time to squeeze the last seconds of joy from the weekend, a time when it’s encouraged to have both steak and eggs on the same plate. Brunch is one of adulthood’s simple pleasures, and we thoroughly promote the power of those precious few hours made for melding breakfast and lunch. In honor of our favorite Sunday tradition, we give you four brunch spots in Awesome Alpharetta that are anything but basic:

1) Oak Steakhouse – 950 3rd St.

They say that you know you’ve reached #adultstatus when you brunch harder than you party. At Oak Steakhouse, you’ll find a perfectly grown-up location to nosh on contempo classics. Start with the Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffin Tops complete with honey butter, then up your protein ante with a mouthwatering CAB 5oz. steak accompanied by beef’s brunchy bestie, scrambled eggs. The Steak & Eggs selection also comes with fresh sliced tomatoes for balance, and the whole shebang is drizzled with a creamy bearnaise sauce that tastes as fancy as it sounds. Looking for an adult beverage? The bloody mary on deck at Oak boasts Svedka Vodka and Charleston Bold & Spicy Mix for a peppery punch in every sip.

2) Flatlands Bourbon & Bayou – 52B N. Main St.

Nestled in the heart of Alpharetta, Flatlands Bourbon & Bayou is the culinary embodiment of homey, hearty Louisiana bayou classics right here in the Peach State. Go with the savory Crab Cakes Benedict and be sure to opt in for the sweet perfection of Flatlands’ housemade beignets. If your brunch calls for a little “hair of the dog,” you can’t go wrong with one of the specialty martinis (after all brunch isn’t limited to mimosas, y’all!).

3) Maple Street Biscuit Company – 73 Milton Ave. #113

There’s just something about a pillow-soft biscuit that has the power to make you feel right at home. Maple Street Biscuit Company capitalizes on the transformative abilities of the fresh-out-of-the-oven biscuit and then ratchets the magic up several notches with additions like housemade spicy sausage or umami shiitake gravy. All of their biscuits are made with artisan flour, real butter, and what we suspect can only be true love. If you’re down with a chicken biscuit (and you should be!), their Squawking Goat positions a fried goat cheese medallion atop an all-natural fried chicken breast, then tops the whole decadent situation off with homemade pepper jelly. For a sweeter take, treat yourself to a little Sweet Grace, Maple Street’s decadent chocolate chip waffle piled with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, then dusted with powdered sugar. Wash it all down with fresh-squeezed Valencia Orange Juice, and you’ve got yourself a serious palate party.

Own your love of brunch in Alpharetta! For more Sunday Funday spots around town, check out a full list here.