Alpharetta Frozen Drinks To Help You Hang On

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Whether you’re team #summertime or #allthingsfall, we can all agree that September is still sultry in Georgia! Luckily, Alpharetta is home to some of the best frozen beverages to help you stay “chill” as we wait for autumn to sweep in with brisk breezes. If you’re craving something cool, you’ll want to check out these fabulous frozen refreshments.

Caffeine Crazed Cool-Offs

girl drinking iced coffee

For the caffeine enthusiasts, head over to Avalon’s Café Intermezzo where they offer the perfect frozen coffee options that they call Granitas. Trust us and try the Salted Caramel Granita. Mixed with espresso, milk, cocoa, caramel syrup, caramel drizzle, Schlag and a dash of salt—this frozen dream is sure to give you the caffeine jolt you need with a hint of fall flavors to have you ready for the season. (Café Intermezzo also offers an Irish Cream Granita for those who want a splash of Irish Cream Liqueur in their blended beverage!)

If you’re not sure salted caramel is what the doctor ordered, but you still crave some caffeine-y frozen goodness, check out The Nest Café in Downtown Alpharetta for a Freddo Macchiato. This whipped and blended frozen espresso drink is guaranteed to hit the spot – and get you ready to attack the day!

Smooth(ie) Operators

girl holding smoothie

If you want to start your day off with a healthy and refreshing option, a smoothie from Vitality Bowls is the perfect choice. The Sunsation smoothie is a combination of organic acai, lemonade, raspberries, strawberries and bananas. Vitality Bowls uses frozen fruit instead of ice, so your smoothie is filled with nutrients and there is no fear of your favorite smoothie getting watered down before you can finish every last drop!

For delicious fruity flavors with energizing add-ins, head over to Flavor Juicery. Their menu boasts flavorful protein shakes, super fruit shakes and green smoothies! We recommend the Wave Rider energy shake. Consisting of almond milk, blue algae (B12 + energy), mango, pineapple, frozen banana and protein, this shake tastes heavenly and will give you the kickstart you need for a successful day!

Need a Margarita


For those who are 21 and older, looking for a drink that will have you hollering, “Olé!”, head over to Pure Taqueria. The Fresco Margarita comes frozen with your choice of mango or banana flavors! If you’re feeling like a more traditional margarita will hit the spot, opt for the frozen PURE Margarita.

For a tropical twist on a fabulous frozen favorite head over to La Parrilla and order their Tropical Margarita. With Herradura Silver tequila, lime mix and the option for a passion fruit or blackberry mix, you’ll be craving another! La Parrilla also offers multiple margarita sizes, so you can start with a 12-ounce margarita to test the waters, or you can jump straight into a night of fiesta fun with options up to 32 and 60 ounces!

These blended beverages are sure to have you cooled off in a jiffy! While exploring these awesome Alpharetta spots, be sure to check out the other exciting dining and retail options the city has to offer.

For anyone needing a miniature getaway, check out one of Alpharetta’s 28 modern and upscale hotels for lodging accommodations so you can taste test all of the blended adult beverage choices without worrying about a long drive home! As always, post your favorite Alpharetta discoveries with our hashtag, #AwesomeAlpharetta. Cheers!