Asian-Inspired Epicurean Delights Right Here In Alpharetta

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The category of Asian cuisine is probably one of the most varied and distinctly delicious of any type. From Thai to Japanese, Chinese to Vietnamese, the menu items vary vastly and delight in creative, savory ways that stay with us long after the meal is over. Alpharetta is proud to offer a number of eclectic, interesting Asian-inspired restaurants in practically every part of town.

Here are just a handful of our tasty Asian-inspired eateries:

1. JINYA Ramen Bar

Located in the heart of Downtown Alpharetta, JINYA offers authentic ramen with an emphasis on slow-simmered broth, freshly made noodles, and an array of traditional toppings to enhance every bowl. JINYA’s focus on kaizen – the Japanese practice of continuous improvement – means guests are treated to ever-increasing new flavor combinations and soul-soothing ramen that’s just right every time. We love the Garlic Cha Cha Cha Ramen featuring a serious punch of garlic, tender pork, and thick noodles. The Spicy Creamy Vegan Ramen is a fan favorite as well. The portions are HUGE, but fear not—JINYA’s ramen bowls are every bit as epic reheated from the comfort of your home.

2. E.M. Bop

chicken wings

This is dynamic Korean barbecue done with flair and care. Dine-in guests choose from a delectable selection of beef, pork, chicken, or fish—then cook it all up on E.M. Bop’s state-of-the-art smokeless grills, right at the table! The result is experiential dining with bold flavors and an interactive twist. Treat yourself to the ability to try a little bit of everything with the Seoul Combo Special featuring three meats, a selection of small apps, and a bed of white rice. Bonus points for the Grape Soju, a sweet, tasty traditional Korean rice liquor that adds a little something extra to an already delicious meal.

3. Benihana

Benihana is the quintessential Japanese Teppanayki restaurant. With its communal hibachi grill tables and stunning sushi bar, every visit feels like you’re beginning your meal with a dazzling performance that only gets better once the sliced, diced morsels make their way to your plate. The Teppanyaki chefs are entertainers in addition to being skilled cooks, delighting diners every lunch and dinner with mouthwatering flavors and jaw-dropping knife skills. Hibachi meals come five courses deep—starting with Benihana’s brothy onion soup, crisp salad, hibachi shrimp appetizer, hibachi veggies, homemade dipping sauces, steamed Japanese rice, and hot tea green tea. Be sure to come hungry and be prepared for a show that culminates in a serious feast.

4. District III

Asian shrimp dish

Modern, authentic Vietnamese cuisine is the name of the game at District III. Named for the owner and chef’s parents’ hometown in Vietnam, District III brings the flavor-packed magic of Vietnamese cuisine to Avalon. From Stir Fry Lemongrass Vermicelli to BBQ Pork Bahn Mi, Clay Pot Chicken with fragrant Jasmine Rice to Classic Combination Fried Rice with all the meats, District III offers hearty dishes that feel familiar yet elevated.

5. Kona Grill

Late night happy hours, power lunch options, weekend wine specials, and truly inspired sushi rolls make Kona Grill a must for takeout, dine-in, or delivery. We love to get our roll on with the Coconut Shrimp Roll, a crave-worthy concoction featuring toasted Macadamia nuts, fresh mango, cucumber, and hibiscus nectar cream cheese bundled up in soy paper. For more traditional sushi energy, don’t miss the Philadelphia Roll and the Crunchy Spicy Tuna.

6. M Thai Street Food

Taste of Alpharetta Award-Winner M Thai brings traditional Thai street food to the homes (and hearts!) of Alpharetta locals and visitors alike. Currently doing take-out only, M Thai’s menu is full of fascinating appetizers, mains, and desserts you’ve probably never heard that are certain to change your life. Start with the 2018 People’s Choice Award Winner Jeeb, tender homemade shrimp and chicken dumplings served with sweet ginger soy sauce, then indulge in the Nam Thok, the 2019 Best Appetizer Award Winner, starring grilled steak complemented by flavorful red onions, chili paste, cilantro, roasted rice powder, and zingy lime juice. Move on to 2018 Best Fast Casual Winner Beef Masaman Short Ribs for curry slow-roasted excellence topped with avocado and cashews. Finally, treat yourself to one more winner with 2019’s Best Dessert—M Thai’s Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Matoom Tea, a decadent rice pudding made with boiled rock sugar topped with candied palm fruit and salty coconut milk. Sweet, savory, something you’ll order again and again!

7. Monkey 68 Kitchen & Bar

This N. Main Street staple bills itself as comfort casual with Asian influences, the result of which we deem awesomely experimental dishes gone very, very right. Innovative wonders like the Hamachi Carpaccio shimmering with balsamic pearls and honey yuzu, the A4 Wagyu Beef Tartare peppered with pine nuts, and the Mushroom Risotto bursting with shitake and inoki butter create shareable, umami moments perfect for celebrating something special or just celebrating making it through another week. Order up and imbibe a bit with crazy-named cocktails like the frothy Monkey See Monkey Drink featuring ron Buddha oolong tea infused rum, Osmanthus syrup, amaro, lemon, and egg white or the Dancing Goat, a tea-infused tequila treat highlighted with Dubliner honeycomb, Thai chili agave nectar, and a squeeze of tart lime.

As you can see, noodle bowls, sushi rolls, and umami delights abound in Alpharetta! We’re grateful to have such an incredible array of unforgettable cuisine in our corner of the world. For other awesome Asian-inspired cuisine available in Alpharetta, be sure to click here.