Sips and Snacks Sure to Surprise You in Alpharetta

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When you think of your favorite bar or restaurant, what is it that comes to mind? Is it the unique atmosphere? That extra lemon twist in your martini that tastes just right? A go-to snack that always hits the spot? A great customer experience usually centers around providing something exceptional—something you can only get by visiting your favorite haven. In Alpharetta, there are a variety of bars and restaurants that have that… “je ne sais quoi”… if you will. Is it the awesome atmosphere, the friendly service, the epic eats, or the perfect pour that makes it your new favorite spot? Maybe it’s all of it. Here is our breakdown of some Awesome Alpharetta spots you need to visit this Fall. You’ll quickly find multiple new favorites!

The Cape Restaurant & Beach Bar

cutting board with meat and knife

For a unique bar and snacking experience, you’ve gotta visit The Cape Restaurant & Bar! Centered around “Beef Jerky and Booze” as the motto, this bar is best known for its traditional snack, biltong (aka South African beef jerky), and house craft cocktails. What is “biltong”, you ask? Biltong is a traditional South African snack, something you’d find locals eating out of a paper bag while strolling the streets. It’s the South African version of beef jerky – all natural, air-dried, packed with protein, and cut from the best meat. In addition to enjoying beef jerky and specialty cocktails, you can also shop for South African spices, rubs and house-made sauces when you visit.


chicken in a waffle cone

Chicken and waffles take on a whole new meaning at Chick’nCone, where chicken is fried to perfection, tossed in a sauce of your choice, and served up in a freshly rolled waffle cone. Bring the heat with “Kick’nRanch”, “Buffalo Blue”, or “Peri Peri” (a SPICY South African chili sauce) cone. Stay on the sweeter side with “Cinna-Maple” for a more traditional chicken and waffles flavor or meet in the middle with “BBQ” and “Yell BBQ” for traditional BBQ sauce or a sweet and tangy mustard-based BBQ sauce! You’ll enjoy a new way to savor your favorite flavors and get a very Insta-worthy meal while you’re at it.

Truck & Tap Alpharetta

Adding to our list of noteworthy nooks to enjoy great food and craft cocktails in, we have to mention Truck & Tap Alpharetta. With a rotation of craft brews, carefully curated cocktails, a rooftop rum bar, and food trucks that rotate each day, you are guaranteed to get a new experience each time you step through the threshold. You’ll catch live music often and you can soak in the sounds from the front and back patios if al fresco evenings are your style. Enjoy a prime view of Milton Avenue or socialize while waiting on your order from the food truck of the day.

Taffer’s Tavern

assortment of mixed drinks

Taffer’s Tavern is the product of Jon Taffer, the star and Executive Producer of Paramount Network’s “Bar Rescue” TV show. Currently the only location in the world, Taffer’s is the quintessential pub, a place to meet old friends while making new ones. Boasting outstanding signature drinks, mouth-watering savory food, excellent customer service, and the highest safety standards in the industry, you literally cannot experience Taffer’s anywhere else. Master mixologist Phil Wills of Bar Rescue cultivated a variety of cocktails for you to try, with new takes on cocktail standards as well as beloved classics. One of our current favorites is The Campfire—Taffer’s take on an old fashioned with Brown Butter Rye Whiskey, bitters, and simple syrup, serving your lowball glass to you on a dish with a literal miniature campfire that fills the air with the scent of a hickory fire while you enjoy your cocktail!

Scream’n Nuts

Small-batch creamery and donuttery (yep, that’s a thing!) Scream’n Nuts understands that two delicious desserts are always better than one. How do they accomplish this? A donut cone. Yep, you read that right. The Signature Donut Ice Cream Cone—the ultimate ice cream vessel—is made from a yeast-raised donut batter with caramelized sugar on the outside and a soft, decadent texture (like if a waffle cone received angel wings). As if that weren’t genius enough, you’ll also find a roster of fascinating ice cream flavors like lavender violet, matcha green tea with mochi, and the wildly Insta-worthy charcoal ice cream.

Up On The Roof

Up On The Roof brings unparalleled views of Downtown Alpharetta, hand-crafted cocktails, artisan wines, craft beers, and small plates to the social scene. The rooftop cocktail lounge offers an indoor sports bar along with an outdoor patio with a cabana, bar, fireplaces, and beautiful design details. Crowning the top of Liberty Hall, this Alpharetta addition is a smash hit and a quick local favorite.

Are you planning your next Alpharetta adventure yet? Make your visit extra memorable when you stay in one of Alpharetta’s 30 modern hotels, with many hotels having their own signature restaurants and bars to add to your must-visit list. Don’t miss out on creating new memories and show us your new favorite spot for unique drinks, bites, and atmosphere! We’ll enjoy the adventure vicariously with you when you tag us @AwesomeAlpharetta with our hashtag #AwesomeAlpharetta! Cheers!