The One in Alpharetta: The FRIENDS Guide to an Alpharetta Getaway

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“So, This Is A Half-Caf, Double Tall, Easy Hazelnut, Non-Fat, No Foam With Whip, Extra Hot Latte.”

While Warm Waves Coffee doesn’t have an ornery barista like the beloved Gunther at Central Perk, it does have plenty of personality and delightful caffeine-filled beverages. Gather with your crew on a cozy jewel-tone couch or comfy leather chairs to enjoy your morning brew and a pastry before you embark on your daily adventures. Located in downtown Alpharetta and open 7 AM – 5 PM on Monday – Friday and 8 AM – 5 PM on Saturday and Sunday, Warm Waves makes for a great meet-up location anytime you need to regroup with your friends.

Warm Waves Coffee, Downtown Alpharetta

“Not Just Clean, “Monica” Clean”

We have different names for the Monica in our lives—the chef, the mom of the group, the organizer, the responsible one—that type A person who always has a plan or a process for everything and swears everything has a place. Oh, and winning? That’s a definite must. Well, luckily the Monica of your group will win in more ways than one in Alpharetta.

The Container Store has everything a person could ever need to organize a home or office. Closet storage? Check! Kitchen shelves? Done. Bathroom accessories? Yes, please. Office Supplies? You bet. The hardest part of visiting The Container Store is that you want to buy more STUFF just to have an excuse to organize it all!

At Williams Sonoma your foodie friend can find everything from quality cookware to live cooking demonstrations. However, we recommend that they DO NOT try to lead a mutiny against the instructor—yes, yes, we’re sure their marinara sauce IS superior.

Williams Sonoma, Avalon

Hankering for some good, clean competition? Turn the tables on table tennis and take it to the courts—the Pickleball courts, that is. Visit the North Park Tennis & Pickleball Center or the Wills Park Tennis & Pickleball Center for walk-up courts where your crew can work out their competitiveness. But while playing, remember, “Rules are good. Rules help control the fun.”

“Who is FICA and Why Is He Taking All My Money?”

You can probably tell who the shopper is in your group based on the level of sympathy they had for Rachel Green when she had to cut up her credit cards. Hopefully, your friend manages their money better than Rachel, but no matter the buying power, there are endless shopping options in Alpharetta. Find the perfect Ralph Lauren ensemble at Von Maur, add the perfect shade of lipstick to a look at Chanel Fragrance and Beauty Boutique, or find cute (and comfortable!) boots at Marmi Shoes. Find adorable skirts with 90s flair at Urban Outfitters and unique dresses from Society Boutique. Pair an outfit from All Inspired Boutique with a fresh, voluminous blowout from Drybar to feel as fashionable as the trend-setting queen herself!

All Inspired Boutique, Downtown Alpharetta

When she’s not running the fashion world, we all know Rachel loves a juicy romance novel. For your book club lover, visit Posman Books, to find everything from a page-turning thriller to a spicy romance novel, and maybe even a copy of Little Women. BUT, for the record, we don’t recommend storing books in the freezer.

“I Had To Eat Everything”

Joey Tribbiani does NOT share food, and luckily, with over 200 dining experiences available in Alpharetta, your food lover friends don’t have to, either. Get a Joey-approved meatball sandwich at Campania with the Contadino featuring veal meatballs, provolone and pomodoro. Amazing pizza awaits at Antico Pizza, where the best kind of pizza is TWO pizzas. Choose a white sauce and red sauce-based pizza and enjoy your own type of “Joey Special”. Love jam even more than Joey does? Visit the Alpharetta Farmers Market on Saturdays through November 26 from 8:30 AM to 1 PM to find locally made jellies and jams you’ll want to eat straight from the jar.

Antico Pizza, Avalon

After all that feasting, Joey loved nothing better than leaning back in his Barcalounger recliner. In Alpharetta, we recommend visiting LoveSac to find your own modern Rosita. Find a sac or sactional that will transform your living space and guarantee hundreds of hours of comfortable, post-meal relaxation.

(Honorable mention for the drama king or queen in your group: visit the Act1 Theater to see live performances, or for locals, try a Performance Acting Class at the Alpharetta Arts Center. You may not land a role on the hottest hospital drama, but you will have fun!)

“I Don’t Even Have a Pla-”

Whether a Phoebe or a Phoebo, we have the perfect plan for any eccentric, quirky guy or gal to enjoy their time in Alpharetta. Although it’s not likely that ‘Smelly Cat’ will be performed on the stage, there’s nothing more Phoebe-esque than swaying to the music at Matilda’s Music Under the Pines. This incredibly eclectic music venue showcases local and regional artists to perform on the porch-style stage adorned in twinkling lights.

Matilda’s Under the Pines, Alpharetta

If your friend is itching to read you your tea leaves, head to The Ginger Room for delectable teas or feel like “Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock” at the high tea. Even if your friend’s fortune telling skills are less than accurate, everyone will thoroughly enjoy sipping the tasty tea.

(Pro-tip: While at The Ginger Room, stock up on their all-natural ginger juice. It’s great for your immune system so you can fight off a cold—unless you’re hoping to catch Phoebe’s “sexy” voice!)

“We’re Not Sad, We’re Just Not 21 Anymore”

Chandler, the resident “funny guy” of the group, keeps everyone laughing and we’re positive he would approve of Punchline Comedy Night, every first Monday of the month through October 3. Be sure to grab a local beer (like a Southern Juice from Jekyll Brewing) before the show from one of Avalon’s restaurants and have a blast with your most sarcastic, hilarious friend.

Punchline Comedy Night at Avalon

After a day packed with activities, Chandler just wants to go to sleep at a reasonable hour, and can’t we all relate to that a little? For the friends in your crew who know how to relax, we’ve got plenty of recommendations. Head to The Woodhouse Day Spa for luxurious bath robes and a menu full of rejuvenating treatments. At Korner Soak, prepare for a calm evening and create a personal oasis with everything from bath bombs to super soft jammies. Grab a slice of cheesecake (or even a whole one!) from Alpine Bakery & Trattoria to munch on while relaxing. Make the evening complete with a STAY at one of Alpharetta’s 30 hotels to enjoy amazing amenities to end your day in a comfy, cozy bed.

As you turn in your hotel keys at the end of your stay and post your adventures on social media with our hashtag, #AwesomeAlpharetta, make time to end your trip how it began—with one last coffee. The only question you’ll have to answer is, “Where?”