The Meat-Lover’s Guide To The Very Best Burgers in Alpharetta

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Ah, the burger. One of life’s simple pleasures. Juicy, meaty, and perfectly nestled within a pillow-soft bun, the burger is an American classic that can be easily upgraded with accoutrements like rosemary ketchup, garlic aioli, a creamy gruyere, or even an over-easy egg. With Alpharetta quickly growing to foodie central status, it’s no surprise that we’ve got a wealth of incredible burgers just waiting for you to sink your teeth into. Here are a few of our picks for the best burger in town:

1. Bocado Burger – 2820 Old Milton Parkway

What to order: The Bocado Burger Stack
Why it’s delicious: Tried and true, this all-beef dream is piled with perfectly melted American cheese, bread and butter pickles, and mayonnaise. This is a truly juicy burger that you certainly need both hands to hold onto! Pair it with the sweet soy-glazed fried brussels sprouts to add a hint of green to your lunch (because—hey, balance!) and wash it all down with a Wicked Weed Lunatic Blonde on draft. Yum doesn’t even begin to cover it.

2. BurgerFi – 5475 Windward Parkway

What to order: The CEO
Why it’s delicious: Four words—Double Wagyu Brisket Blend. It’s worth the hype, it’s worth snapping a photo and putting it on Insta, and it needs to go your rotation of fave indulgences. This burger boss is topped with candied bacon tomato jam (yes, that’s a thing!), truffle aioli, and aged Swiss cheese. The result? A next-level lunch so good it’ll be hard for you to return to work. Do yourself a favor and order it with Cry & Fry—a genius offering of both massive onion rings and hand-cut fries. Talk about having the best of both worlds!

4. Butcher & Brew – 3 South Main Street

What to order: The B&B Burger
Why it’s delicious: Butcher & Brew’s take on the burger wins a nod from us thanks to its epic, ooey gooey sharp cheddar cheese sauce and tangy remoulade. Every bite of the elevated classic is better than the one before it, and once it’s over, you’ll find yourself making plans have it again ASAP. Want fries with that? Sure you do—because at Butcher & Brew they’re of the parmesan truffle variety. Decadent indeed.

5. Coalition Food and Beverage – 50 Canton Street, Suite 108

What to order: The CFBurger
Why it’s delicious: Carnivores rejoice! If you consider yourself part T-rex, this massive sandwich is for you. Two heaping all-beef patties as well as gridded onions, American cheese, lettuce, and tomato create a standout staple for any meal table. Also, OMG the bun! The burger is served on a Japanese-style milk bun, a super-soft, light, airy bread variety that’s perfect for supporting the ground beef star of the show!

Whether you cut it in half first or you’re all about that big bite life, you’re sure to discover your new favorite burger at one of these awesome eateries. Bring your appetite. Ask for extra napkins. Click HERE for a full listing of all of our Awesome Alpharetta restaurants.