Taco Tuesday in Alpharetta: Let’s Taco ‘Bout Where To Go

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An alliterated food day just feels right. Margarita Mondays. Wine Down Wednesdays. Fun Lunch Friday. But of all the during-the-week snack celebrations, none is as lauded or as beloved as Taco Tuesday. Spicy, savory, hard shell, soft shell, smothered in cheese, sprinkled in cilantro—no matter how you like them, you’ll find these folded delicacies throughout Alpharetta. Now, the real question is—corn or flour tortilla?

To help you sift through the TONS of tacos on offer here, check out this spicy little list of our all-time favorites:

1. Pure Taqueria – Tacos al Pastora

Ideal for the longtime lover of tacos who likes to think a bit outside of the box, Pure Taqueria’s Tacos al Pastor features succulent braised pork with just a sparkle of pineapple sweetness. With scratch-made ingredients, friendly service, and a lively atmosphere, Pure delivers so much more than a perfectly handheld situation for your early week snack attack.

2. Ceviche Taqueria – Poblano Taco

The south-of-the-border take on spicy practically begs for peppers, and we’re particularly partial to the poblano (say that three times fast!). Ceviche’s Poblano Taco is served with your choice of chicken or steak elevated with grilled peppers and onions then finished off with Mexican cheese and house made chipotle sauce. Start with the guac if you’re feeling extra—just be sure to save room for the main event!

3. Chiringa – Baja Tacos with Red Snapper

Fish tacos scream sunny days and coastal vibes, and these baja babies are no exception! The fresh catch selection changes daily, but the Red Snapper is the perfect flaky, mild fish to nestle among Chiringa’s red cabbage, pickled onion, jalapeno, and chipotle crema. Bonus points for the 4.5-inch grilled corn tortilla cradling ultra-fresh ingredients. And if you’re looking to ditch the carbs completely (ahem, or simply save room for additional margaritas), you can order any of Chiringa’s tacos on a Bibb lettuce wrap. “Chiringa” translates to beach bar, so be sure to order up an adult beverage to accompany those seriously tasty tacos.

4. Superica – Tacos de Camarones

Viva la culinary genius who thought to put fried shrimp in a taco. The Tacos de Camarones at this Alpharetta must-try boast golden-fried crispy shrimp, crunchy cabbage slaw, and fiery diablo sauce stuffed to the hilt in double stacked El Milagro corn tortillas. This one’s a hot lil’ number you won’t want to miss.

For other taco options available on Tuesdays—and every day!—in Alpharetta, click here for a complete list of Mexican, South American, and Caribbean restaurants.