7 Places to Cure Your Sweet Tooth in Alpharetta

In Food + Drink

School is out, summer is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to treat yourself to something sweet and let your worries fade away. Whether you’re in the mood for a huge scoop of ice cream or a delicately prepared French pastry, Alpharetta has plenty of ways for you to indulge your sweet tooth.

Southern Baked Pie Company

It is impossible to feel anything but pure bliss when you step into Southern Baked Pie Co. and witness their display of homemade pies. The team of bakers create gourmet sweet and savory pies for all holidays and celebrations. Their pies come in a variety of sizes from whole pies, petite pies, and bite-size treats, so you can eat a whole pie guilt-free! With the variety of decadent flavors and specialty selections including seasonal fruits from local farmers, Southern Baked Pie Company is the perfect place for guests to cure their sweet tooth.

Scream’n Nuts

Small-batch creamery and donuttery (yep, that’s a thing!) Scream’n Nuts understands that two delicious desserts make one even yummier treat. How do they accomplish this? A donut cone. Their Signature Donut Ice Cream Cone—the ultimate ice cream vessel—is made from a yeast-raised donut batter with caramelized sugar on the outside and a soft, decadent texture on the inside. As if that weren’t genius enough, you’ll also find a roster of fascinating ice cream flavors like lavender violet, matcha green tea with mochi, and the wildly Insta-worthy charcoal ice cream.

Alpine Bakery & Trattoria

With more desserts than you can imagine, you’ll find anything and everything you could dream of to beat that sugar craving at Alpine Bakery & Trattoria. Every dessert is crafted with high quality ingredients and love. You’ll understand what the hype is all about when you savor a slice of the Coconut Cream Cake, Million Dollar Cake or the Death by Chocolate. Opt for lighter selections with a Raspberry Dark Chocolate Torte or a yummy Fresh Fruit & Custard pie. As if that’s not enough, Alpine offers an extensive selection of pastries ranging from cannoli’s to apple strudel.

Collet French Pastry & Café

Nothing says indulgence quite like a flaky French pastry, and the baked goods at Collet French Pastry & Café are no exception. This authentic French bakery offers visitors a variety of French pastries and desserts, as well as a selection of savory items for breakfast and lunch. Stop by Collet to nibble on a croissant, sip an espresso, and feel yourself transported to Paris.

Café Intermezzo

Boasting classic European café vibes, Café Intermezzo is the perfect place to indulge. Let the scent of fresh-brewed coffee and housemade baked goods lead you inside, and stay for the Cannoli Cheesecake, a decadent delight starring ricotta filling infused with orange flavor and layered with mini chocolate chips throughout. Add a velvety smooth Hot Chocolate DeLuxe or a Bailey’s Cappuccino (for the adults) to round out your dreamy dessert experience.

Le Macaron Alpharetta

Step into North Point Mall or visit their first-of-its-kind outdoor mobile kiosk in front of Regal Cinemas at Avalon and find fabulous beautiful macarons and French gelato at Le Macaron. Le Macaron is known for their handmade, delightful macarons available in fun flavors like Salted Caramel, Lavender White Chocolate, Key Lime-Strawberry and many more. These light and airy confections pair extremely well with the French Gelato. Even more indulgent than Italian gelato, don’t miss the pistache, chocolat, caramel flavors for classic gelato or opt for the fruity French sorbet!

Whether you are searching for delicious candy made from the best confectioners or just a sweet treat after dinner, Alpharetta promises plenty of options to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. CLICK HERE to view a list of all of Alpharetta’s sweet treat spots.