Refreshing Caffeine Fixes in Alpharetta

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guy pouringsteamed milk into expresso

Coffee (noun): liquid that smells like fresh ground heaven

Alpharetta runs on coffee! There really isn’t anything like that first cup of java in the morning. It gets you going – motivated and ready to tackle the day. Whether you’re into lattes, cold or nitro brews or even a high-octane espresso, we’ve rounded up 5 of Alpharetta’s coffee spots where you can get your caffeine fix and get crackin’ on all your #goals.

1. The Nest Café – 58 Canton Street

four espresso with decorative foam top

Located in Downtown Alpharetta, The Nest Café is known for their absolute works of latte art. With beautiful whisps of hot steamed milk that look like leaves and hearts atop the espresso filled cup, these drinks are truly a feast for the eyes and palate. They also offer traditional options, like the Café au Lait, an Americano and a Cappuccino. For the iced coffee afficionados, the Iced Honey & Cinnamon Latte is absolutely divine. In addition to awesome brew choices, The Nest also has amazing breakfast options from their picture perfect Lolly Waffles (waffles on lollipop sticks) to a classic bacon, egg, and cheddar breakfast croissant. Enjoy the cozy indoor café, outside patio or take your yummy drink choice to go as you get your morning started.

2. Warm Waves – 52-A S Main St.

Warm Waves Coffee is a cozy oasis nestled in the heart of a bustling city, offering a tranquil escape from the urban hustle. As you step through its inviting doors, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee envelops you, instantly awakening your senses. The ambiance is one of warmth and comfort, with soft lighting, rustic wooden furniture, and the gentle hum of conversation creating a serene atmosphere. Patrons can unwind with a steaming cup of meticulously crafted coffee, sourced from the finest beans around the world, or indulge in a selection of artisanal pastries and light bites. Whether you’re seeking a quiet moment of reflection or lively chatter with friends, Warm Waves Coffee provides the perfect backdrop for moments of relaxation and rejuvenation.

3. Valor Coffee – 44 Milton Avenue

guy eating with coffee in front of him

For the chance to find your new favorite coffee and also be able to take a bag of their beans home with you, visit Valor Coffee. Not just a café where you can order a great latte, Valor is also a coffee roaster based in Alpharetta. Check out their online store or visit in person to get everything you need to imitate your highly loved drink of choice at home. Feeling extra fancy? Then we recommend you try the Lavender Latte, a unique pairing of subtle floral flavors, warm milk and espresso.

4. Café Intermezzo – 100 Avalon Boulevard

cup of coffee on outside table

Café Intermezzo at Avalon brings the feel of a 300-year-old European coffeehouse to Alpharetta. With delicious pastries and a seemingly endless menu of beverages, you’ll have hundreds of options to choose from. For a classic option, try the French Press, which has a remarkable smoothness. For something with a little more pizzazz, opt for the Intermezzo Cappuccino with espresso, steamed cream, cocoa and topped with whipped cream and cinnamon. If you’re wanting something even more indulgent, order the Cioccoloccino made with Dutch Chocolate, espresso, Schlag and cocoa powder.

5. BrewAble Café – 175 Roswell Street inside the Alpharetta Community Center

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We love any place where your hard-earned dollars can go towards a greater cause, and BrewAble Café is an Alpharetta coffee shop with a great mission. Created to be a community coffeehouse that trains and employs young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities, you can support a wonderful cause while getting your favorite coffee. Try a classic medium roast coffee or opt for one of BrewAble’s specialty drinks like a Cappuccino or Americano.

6. The Ginger Room – 61 Roswell St.

The Ginger Room Tea offers a delightful alternative for those seeking a caffeine fix that’s both invigorating and comforting. Among its array of enticing blends, the ginger-infused teas stand out for their unique flavor profiles and revitalizing properties. Ginger, renowned for its natural energy-boosting effects, provides a gentle yet effective source of caffeine, perfect for those looking to stay alert without the jitters often associated with coffee. Whether you’re savoring a classic ginger black tea or exploring the nuanced notes of a ginger green tea, each sip offers a satisfying pick-me-up that soothes the senses and enlivens the spirit. With its carefully curated selection and cozy surroundings, The Ginger Room Tea invites patrons to indulge in a caffeine experience that’s as comforting as it is invigorating.

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