6 Alpharetta Mom-Approved Outings for Toddler Fun

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Little kid playing with slime

The toddler stage is weird and wonderful – there are snuggles and sweet “I hove yous,” then blind rage and a sudden and total loathing for cheese curls, when just yesterday that was literally the child’s favorite food. So, when it comes to taking your little Sour Patch Kid out and about this summer, you want to choose wisely. Fortunately, we’ve collected our Mom-approved go-to’s for toddler fun in Alpharetta. Pack the Pull-Ups, a change of clothes, and a few options for snacking then get ready to claim the title of your toddler’s favorite person in the world.

1. Refreshing (and FREE!) Fun

Pack a beach towel and a tube of sunscreen and head to Alpharetta’s “beach” – the Town Green by Alpharetta City Hall provides the perfect option for beating the heat and wearing your little one out. Your mini-me can splash to his or her heart’s content with fountain sprays right in the heart of Downtown. Bonus points for being positioned just steps away from Chiringa’s walk-up window where you can order a refreshing adult beverage while your wild one chases geysers of water. Afterwards, be sure to dry off and stop by Kilwin’s Alpharetta City Center for an ice cream cone to make the afternoon even sweeter.

2. More Water-Centric Toddler Action

Quintessential summertime excitement can be found from Memorial Day until early August at the Wills Park Pool. A beloved staple for wholesome family fun, this public pool grants access to locals each season for just $5 and visitors for just $8 per day (children under 3 always get in free but must wear a swim diaper at all times). Take your not-a-baby, not-yet-a-kiddo to the splash pad area where he or she can discover the wonders of a zero-entry pool plus plenty of splashy interactive stations and even a small water slide. Slather your little one in SPF and prepare to hear giggle-squeals at brand new octaves.

3. Mini-Golf With Your Mini

Cosmic Mini Golf and Play, located in the North Point Mall, offers glow-in-the-dark putt putt golf in the glory of air-conditioning. If you’re looking to inspire a little friendly competition in your little one, this local spot is a haven for having a great time. After you’ve conquered the glowing mini-golf course, your toddler can get his or her zoomies out via the ball pit or the arcade. And no worries if you’ve opted for this as a last-minute toddler excursion – reservations aren’t required and Cosmic Mini Golf and Play is open when the North Point Mall is.

4. Sweet, Nostalgic Must-Dos

girls riding on a carousel

While you’re at the North Point Mall getting your mini-swing on, don’t miss the opportunity to let your little one experience the magic of riding the train and choosing a favorite animal to take a spin on the carousel. Be sure to have your phone ready to snap the nostalgic wonder of classic memory-making as experienced through the eyes of your toddler. After all, part of the magic of parenthood is experiencing all the most special parts of our lives again through our child’s perspective.

5. Create a Keepsake with Your Cutie

Kid Painiting Pottery


For many toddlers, getting crafty is a favorite way to pass the time. Whether you fancy yourself a true Pinterest aficionado mama or you don’t have a DIY bone in your body, All Fired Up is the perfect option for all levels of skill and creativity. You simply choose a piece of pottery from one of the 700+ items available including mugs, plates, bowls, and kids’ pieces, then select a design and the paint you’d like to use and get to crafting. You can take as much time as you need to complete your mommy-and-me masterpiece, and once you’ve finished, you simply leave it with the team at All Fired Up to overglaze it and fire it in the kiln. A week later, you pick up your keepsake and marvel at the memory-laden creation you and your toddler made together. You not only have a new piece of art to proudly display at home for your little one to brag on every time company comes over, you’ve also inspired creativity and a sense of achievement in your child. Talk about a parenting win.

6. Ooey Gooey Awesomeness

Toddlers delight in messiness – usually meaning more work for Mom. The Slime Factory solves this exact challenge, creating a convergence of creativity and gooey satisfaction all in one contained location. A playful, immersive experience like no other, The Slime Factory allows the imagination to run wild and take all kinds of squishy shapes as little ones stretch, mush, and mix their slime on colorful tables (with plenty of Slime Factory experts on hand to make sure things don’t get out of hand!). Sensory learning meets sticky fun (and zero clean-up responsibilities for Mom!) for a mess you and your toddler will love.

Take Your Toddler to Alpharetta for a Sweet Escape

Now that you’ve had some of the guesswork removed from creating some memorable moments of summer fun with your little one, all that’s left to do is pick a cozy accommodation to facilitate your sweet escape. Alpharetta is home to a bevy of toddler-friendly hotel options—many of which feature a pool and are centrally located to plenty of local shopping, dining, and must-dos. Plan your toddler-and-me trip to Alpharetta by clicking here today.