Deep South Comfort Food Done Right

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Alpharetta is quickly building its restaurant repertoire with a variety of noteworthy spots—all of which are far beyond basic. From curries to charcuterie, ramen bowls to barbecue, our epicenter of charm and culinary magic has it all. But on top of the variety, our home in the heart of the Peach State means we do Deep South comfort food right. Use this handy-dandy list to dine around the best Southern cooking the OTP has to offer.

South Main Kitchen

With cool, unique décor and an extensive craft cocktail list, it may take you a sec to realize that the “South” in South Main Kitchen is an homage to the ingredients we love most in the land of fireflies and “hey y’alls!” Here, classic Southern staples are turned on their heads and elevated to create experiences instead of dishes. Items like deviled eggs and brussels sprouts are far beyond what one might see at a family reunion thanks to the melding of bold spices and flavors far from home. Be sure to try the salmon—perfectly crisp skin gives way to gorgeously flaky fish for a classic dinner item turned work of art.

Southern Porch

A homey, warm ambiance, hearty portions, and tomatoes so vibrant and fresh you’ll swear they were just rescued from some garden out back make Southern Porch a must-try when it comes to Deep South deliciousness. This is the place to go for a breakfast that very well may save your soul (or at the very least, save your stomach). Do not miss the chicken and waffles for golden-fried excellence atop a pillowy-soft waffle wonderland. And if you need a little hair of the dog that bit ya, the Southern Porch’s blood mary and mimosa bar do not disappoint.

Maple Street Biscuit Company

The makings of Southern-cooked superiority can be determined by one dish in particular: the “takes me back” biscuit. At Maple Street Biscuit Company, their crumbly-on-top, buttery-moist-in-the-middle take on the South’s most beloved carbohydrate is so dern good it’ll take you all the way back to grand momma’s house. While the biscuit alone would be enough to throw a hand up like you’re feeling the preacher’s sermon, the way Maple Street organizes their ingredients is something sacred, indeed. We highly suggest going big with the Five, a signature biscuit piled with chicken, bacon, cheddar cheese, and gravy. Is it too much? Maybe. Should you try it? Heck yes.

Southern Baked Pie Company

Whether you’re in search of something by the slice or whole, savory or sweet, every item comes wrapped in love (and a heavenly crust!) at Southern Baked Pie Company. Featured in Garden & Gun Magazine as well as on the Hallmark Channel, these made-fresh-daily pies draw folks from far and wide. For a bit (and a bite) of the sweet life, order the oh-so-Southern Chocolate Chess Pie featuring perfectly creamy chocolate filling and a wonderfully butter crust. And if you’re not feeling dessert, go for the Chicken Pot Pie with its downright flavor-packed filling of chicken, veggies shrouded in the kind of dough that steals the show.

Chicken Salad Chick

The South has the unique ability to take the concept of a salad and pump it up with so much mayonnaise that it becomes something else entirely. After all, you’d never bring a boring, ol’ garden salad to a church picnic or a baby shower. As an essential part of the Southern culinary landscape, chicken salad has found its way to many a supper table during a momentous occasion. Chicken Salad Chick executes the mayo-based Southern classic with the ideal texture and just the right amount of flourish—adding spice and bacon for a loaded version or packing it to the hilt with fresh fruit for a pop of natural sugar goodness. Each Chicken Salad Chick variety (and there are MANY) is named after a woman so there are girl power vibes in every order. Usher in spring with Lauryn’s Lemon Basil for a bright palate-pleaser complete with chopped pecans, fresh basil, and dill that’s pretty perfect for a picnic in nearby Wills Park.

Southern charm exists in large part because of the comforting, soul-warming foods that accompany it. Break a little bread at one of Alpharetta’s over 200 dining experiences, and while you’re here, be sure to check out all the other charming facets of our unique piece of the Peach State. To plan a visit today, view our Visitors Guide here.