5 Reasons to Shop Local!

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There’s nothing quite like the thrill of getting an excellent deal. It’s like getting away with something or hearing a super juicy secret. And for those times you just can’t wait for that delicious cashmere sweater or epic pair of knee-high boots to go on sale, you experience that tinge of decadence, the spark of indulgence like a congratulations (because, baby, you deserve this hot item). While we’ve all done our share of shopping at big-box stores, the best retail therapy goes down at local shops and boutiques. Quaint shopping spots and fashion enclaves where you find that thing you didn’t even know existed.

In Alpharetta, we’re proud to offer more than 250 shops and over 200 restaurants—all within a 5-mile radius. What’s more is that many of these local retail and restaurant destinations are owned and operated by community members who love where they are, what they do, and who they serve. From treating yourself to getting that perfect gift for someone special and plenty of delicious dining to fuel you up along the way, Alpharetta certainly has the goods for those with a “can’t stop, won’t stop” shopping vibe. Here are five reasons to keep it local when it comes to searching for the best merch:

1) Local economic boom

When you buy at locally-owned businesses like Honey & Hazel or The Ballog, more money is kept in the community because locally-owned businesses often purchase from other local businesses and service providers. Renowned local restaurants like Secreto pride themselves on operating as farm-to-table establishments, often sourcing from local farms and markets.

2) Non-profits thrive

Local non-profits receive huge support from local businesses, so when you shop local, you’re enabling folks to do more good in the community! One our favorite local watering holes, Jekyll Brewing, is huge on hosting charity events and serving up thirst-quenching beers for good causes. Just this past August, the Jekyll Brewing hosted a special event where proceeds from all Hop Dang beers sold went directly to help teens out of foster care. When you shop local, not only do you get the best products, you get to have a hand in making our world a little brighter.

3) Unique product offerings

Local boutiques and stores go to market all over the United States to curate their collections, so the array of clothing, home décor, and accessories is always refreshingly out-of-the-box (ahem, definitely out of the big box!). Instead of finding the sweater or bracelet that ten other women have, buying local ensures you rock your own look. And who doesn’t like to feel like a total trendsetter? For some of the chicest spots to shop in town, be sure to check out Sis & Moon’s, ElleB, and La Bella Maison.

4) Job creation

Small local businesses are the leading job creators nationwide. One of the most noteworthy aspects of local business is their commitment to keeping local folks involved, engaged, and in good jobs. As an added bonus, the more small businesses you have in any given community, the less commuting is required which means less traffic and traffic pollution! The charm of a vintage “main street” with modern amenities is alive and well here in Alpharetta! Check out our vibrant downtown for yourself—from breweries to taco shops to high-end apparel and lots of fun niche markets in between, you’re sure to get your fill of the locally-owned and operated businesses in action!

5) Next-level customer service

There’s just something sort of magical about people taking pride in what they do, and at our host of locally-owned boutiques, eateries, and specialty shops, the “service with a smile” concept is so much more than lip service! Mother-daughter duos and mom and pop shops decorate Alpharetta with Southern charm and extra-mile care of every customer, every time. The people running our local businesses want to know your name and know your story. As you shop this season, don’t be shy! Whether you’re making Alpharetta your home-away-from-home over a long weekend, you’re in town for a work trip, or you’re simply passing through, Alpharetta’s local businesses believe in exclaiming, “It’s so good to see you!” through their unique offerings and unparalleled customer service.

Now let’s shop till we drop!