Original Selfie Museum

North Point Mall
1000 North Point Circle
Alpharetta, GA

770-740-9273 Visit Site

sel•fie mu•se•um
/’selfé myoo’zéam/

AKA: Museum Selfie, Instagram Museum, Selfie Studio

The most instagram-able place in the nation.

Original Selfie Museum is the first creative space uniquely designed to take your Photos and Videos to an entirely new level of Awesomeness. Looking for fun things to do?

Look no further, Original Selfie Museum is the place to go to with multiple locations nationwide. It’s the coolest Modern Art Museum you’ve ever visited with unique and authentic Instagram Walls created for ultimate fun, long lasting memories and amazing pictures!

Charge your phone and take your Family and Friends to the one and only Original Selfie Museum!

Enjoy Yourselfie!