Our picks for perfect pairings of cuisine and culture!

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French chef Marcel Boulestin once said, “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” The ties between food and art run throughout history—from Andy Warhol’s homage to Campbell’s Tomato Soup to Wayne Thiebaud’s colorful ode to cakes to famed renderings of Biblical suppers, dishes of nearly every sort find their way into a variety of artistic mediums. And if you’ve ever really taken time to look at that gorgeous plate of pasta or the sparkle of champagne in your glass, you’ll see why the experts say we first eat with our eyes. Here in Alpharetta, we believe in celebrating the convergence of art and food as much and as often as possible! Check out a few of our picks for the perfect pairing of cuisine and culture:

1) Scream’n Nuts

Ice cream is no doubt a cultural must on its own—it cools us off on a hot day, it cheers us up after a rough week, and it celebrates the kid in all of us! However, local sweetery Scream’n Nuts elevates the classic treat to a true work of art thanks to their innovative donut cones. That’s right—think airy, light, and sugar-dusted donut decadence fashioned into a cone. The ingenious creation is the perfect vessel for innovative flavors like lavender violet and the always Insta-worthy charcoal ice cream. Then Scream’n Nuts takes it a step further adorning your masterpiece ice cream cone with a red donut cherry.

2) Chic Evolution of Art

Once you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, feast your eyes on one of the area’s creativity havens, Chic Evolution of Art. This gallery plays host to an eclectic selection of pieces from around the globe. From Nathalie Boissonnault’s whimsical balloon animal paintings to Yann Normand’s industrial-inspired steel sculptures, the passion is palpable behind each creation at this mesmerizing gallery.

3) Colletta

This airy Italian eatery takes the magic of carbohydrates and marries it with the wonder of woodfire to create an unforgettable dining experience. The intricacies of the hand-made tagliatelle piled on the plate with a golden egg yolk nestled at the center or the sheen of the Carolina heritage bone-in pork chop stacked atop verdant braised Brussel sprouts, and festive carnival cauliflower are enough to make you pause in awe before diving in fork-first. Now, that’s amore!

4) Painting with a Twist and All Fired Up!

Feeling inspired to let your imagination take on a physical form? Alpharetta is home to two excellent options for unleashing your inner artist. At Painting with a Twist, you’ll be able to sip your favorite adult beverage as you paint on canvas along with a resident artist. The result is a memorable experience plus a new artistic creation of your very own! At All Fired Up!, you’re invited to choose a piece of pottery to paint, then let your creativity ignite! Once you’ve personalized your cup, plate, or bowl, the friendly team at All Fired Up! will overglaze it and fire it up in a kiln so that you can take it home or give as a thoughtful, personalized gift.

5) Downtown Alpharetta Arts Walking Tour

Creative energy goes acoustic, electric, and outright audible when explored through music. As a celebration of this beloved medium, the City of Alpharetta added a series of works themed “Instruments of Inspiration” in 2018 to its permanent collection Downtown. These creations honor the robust local music scene, including the Ameris Bank Amphitheatre, Wire & Wood Alpharetta Songwriters Festival, and a wealth of unique venues throughout the area. In addition to these melody-driven works, you can check out classes, events, and exhibits at the new Alpharetta Arts Center.

Whether you prefer your art on canvas, served in a bowl, or shared through speakers, Alpharetta has seriously inspired vibes all around! Explore Downtown and experience the deliciously creative energy radiate from the dynamic cuisine and art scene we’ve cultivated in our corner of Georgia!

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