Be a Burger King or Queen in Alpharetta with 5 Unbeatable Burgers

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Ah, the burger. One of life’s simple pleasures. Juicy, meaty, and perfectly nestled within a pillow-soft bun, the burger is an American classic that can be easily upgraded with accoutrements like rosemary ketchup, garlic aioli, a creamy gruyere, or even an over-easy egg. Alpharetta is home to many amazing burger joints, whether you’re searching for a classic cheeseburger or an over-the-top experience. Here are a few of our picks for the best burger in town:

1) Butcher & Brew – 3 South Main Street

What to order: The B&B Burger
Why it’s delicious: Butcher & Brew’s take on the burger wins a nod from us thanks to its epic, ooey gooey sharp cheddar cheese sauce and tangy remoulade. Every bite of the elevated classic is better than the one before it, and once it’s over, you’ll find yourself making plans have it again ASAP. Want fries with that? Sure you do—because at Butcher & Brew they’re of the parmesan truffle variety. Decadent indeed.

2) Shake Shack – 11780 Haynes Bridge Road

What to order: The SmokeShack
Why it’s delicious: This Angus Beef cheeseburger gets kicked up several notches thanks to applewood-smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and ShakeSauce on a toasted potato bun. Bonus points to Shake Shack for offering other cool burger choices made with chicken and also mushrooms (because vegetarians need love, too, y’all).

3) Craft Burger by Shane – 2500 Old Milton Parkway

What to order: The K-POP
Why it’s delicious: This burger is big on flavor, stacking a One-Third pound Certified Hereford Beef burger patty with pepper jack cheese, crispy onion, romaine lettuce, pickles and delectable Korean Bulgogi Sauce Aioli. For the meat lovers, add an extra beef patty to satiate your big burger cravings. You’ll come back for this flavor explosion time and time again!

4) Veganaire – 3450 Old Milton Parkway, Suite 200

What to order: The Big Island Cheese Burger
Why it’s delicious: For the vegan burger lover, Veganaire is a MUST, and the Big Island Cheese Burger delivers unbeatable flavor. With plant-based meat, grilled pineapple, BBQ sauce, plant-based bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, plant-based cheese, plant-based mayo, grilled onions, pickles and a dairy-free bun, it hits all of your dietary needs without sacrificing the tastes you crave!

5) Jekyll Brewing Downtown Alpharetta – 15 Academy Street

What to order: The Bison-Wagyu Beef Smash Burger
Why it’s delicious: Carnivores rejoice! If you consider yourself part T-rex, this massive sandwich is for you. Two heaping all-beef patties as well as white American cheese, house made pickles, shredded lettuce, Comeback Sauce, caramelized onion and brioche bun create a standout staple for any meal table. Pair this burger with crisp fries and one of Jekyll’s unbelievable brews to take your meal over the top!

Whether you cut it in half first or you’re all about that big bite life, you’re sure to discover your new favorite burger at one of these awesome eateries. Bring your appetite and ask for extra napkins.

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