Alpharetta’s Frozen Concoctions

In Food + Drink

Each year, Alpharetta’s selection of frozen concoctions seems to get a little more delectable. From spiked slushies to a Disneyland-inspired creamy, soft serve cup of joy, there’s plenty of tasty chill on offer in Alpharetta. Here’s where to head for the coolest (oh, heck yes, pun intended) treats on the street:

Ice Cream-Adjacent

For something a few notches above your typical ice cream situation, look no further than the impossibly rich, smooth magic available at Andy’s Frozen Custard. Before you holler, “Blasphemy! Nothing can top ice cream—people literally scream for it!”, take a beat and give frozen custard a shot. In fact, the word “frozen” doesn’t quite do it justice as this custard is ultra-soft and dense thanks to 10-15 percent butterfat and a machine churning process that helps eliminate much of the air you might find in regular spun ice creams. Additionally, the custard wonder at Andy’s boasts 1.4 percent egg yolk (pasteurized or cooked) and is served fresh at a higher temperature, so it has a more “melt-in-your-mouth” texture. Because the texture is super pliable, Andy’s Frozen custard is the perfect vessel for blending fruit, nuts, and candy. Since it’s fall, y’all, we highly recommend the Pumpkin Pie Concrete, a seasonal delight that blends made-fresh HOURLY vanilla frozen custard with an entire slice of heavenly pumpkin pie for a spoonable dessert that puts the “OMG” in autumn.

For the Grown Folks (aka Boozy)

Adulting is hard—which is precisely why the good folks at Bocado Burger are proud to deliver a reprieve from the horrors of working overtime, standing too long in the checkout line, overdraft fees, and piles of laundry in the form of boozed-up, cooled-down indulgences. Bocado Burger has spiked milkshakes that bolster any burger-and-fries combo. Go ahead and order the frothy delicacy that is the Milkshake Handshake, a combination of Fernet Branca, vanilla gelato, and a mixture of spices in a velvety cocktail so cool it’s not even on the menu. (Don’t worry, you can thank us for the intel by making sure to visit over and over again!)

Marg Magic

Frozen margs aren’t just for cheers’ing Taco Tuesday. In fact, there’s a real art to the frozen margarita—you want it refreshing with a detectable tequila bite and decidedly NOT in a dayglo green hue. For the right spin on one of Mexico’s finest gifts, we recommend Superica and Ceviche Taqueria. At Superica, get the traditional lime marg frozen and topped off with a sweet, aromatic Gran Marnier floater for a zesty, icy thirst-quencher. If you don’t fancy yourself a traditionalist, hit up Ceviche for their Deep Eddy Swirl, a frozen revelation featuring El Jimador ‘rita vibes swirled with your choice of Deep Eddy Vodka (we recommend Ruby Red!).

The Pineapple Pièce de Résistance

Two words: Dole Whip. What originated at Disneyland’s Adventureland Tiki Room has made it all the way to the OTP thanks to Chiringa taking heed of the dessert’s iconic status and replicating it to PERFECTION. Not familiar with the pillowy pineapple perfection? It’s a dairy-free soft serve dessert consisting of pineapple flavored dry mix combined beautifully with a bit of H2O and pumped out via a soft serve machine. The result? Swirly yellow YAAAAS KWEEN in a cup. Seriously. Go order one—now!
Embrace your love of frosty goodness in Alpharetta! For more crave-worthy spots around town, check out a full list here.