6 Craveworthy Local Bakeries Worth Biting Into

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fruit tart and baked good next to sign

Flaky golden croissants, tasty tortes, crave-able cakes, oh my! Bakeries are a comforting homecoming as the smell of fresh baked bread and pastries welcome you in. Divine display cases are filled to the brim with made-from-scratch goodness. Each bite readily waits to send you to delightful childhood memories of your favorite homemade treats. No matter which type of baked good is your kryptonite, there is a bakery in Alpharetta prepared to serve it up. We’re exploring six of the yummiest options the city has to offer, so get ready for a whole lot of deliciousness!

1. Alpine Bakery & Trattoria – 12315 Crabapple Road

person holding large cake

Alpine Bakery & Trattoria is well-known for their delectable desserts, including cakes, pies, cheesecakes, over 20 different varieties of cookies, and artisan breads. For cake lovers, an absolute must-try is the Coconut Cream Cake, combining white cake, coconut cream filling and a whipped cream exterior. If you are constantly craving chocolate, go bananas for the Death by Chocolate cake including flourless chocolate cake layers, kettle cooked fudge and Belgian sprinkles—it’s worth every calorie! For something lighter, try a Fresh Fruit and Custard pie, guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth while delighting you with fresh flavors.

2. 2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery – 42 Milton Avenue, Suite B

vanilla cakes with chocolate drizzle next to cupcakes

2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery prides itself on bringing wholeness and balance into one’s life through eating well. Every item on the menu is gluten free, so whether you crave the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar (which is also vegan) or the Banana Nut Sweet Bread, you are guaranteed to taste a bite of heaven without sacrificing your dietary needs. 2B Whole is also the perfect place to find bread rolls, French baguettes, multi-grain flax seed bread and other baked goods that you can take home to make gluten-free meals. Celebration coming up? 2B Whole makes custom birthday and special occasion cakes, too.

3. Collet French Pastry Café – 2225 Old Milton Parkway

strawberry custard tart

French-style pastries, breads and desserts such as macarons and eclairs are abundant at Collet French Pastry Café. Limited amounts of each delicious, freshly made dessert are available daily, so arrive early to make sure you get your favorite menu item. Enjoy a European coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch, or afternoon treat, then take a few of your favorite baked items home to share with your loved ones. Bon appétit!

4. Ipanema Brazilian Bakery – 4055 Old Milton Parkway, Suite 104

Brazilian Chocolate cake

Try the unique flavors of Brazilian baked goods at Ipanema Brazilian Bakery. Try the delicious miniature corn cakes or for an indulgent slice of chocolatey goodness, try the tasty Prestige Cake. Ipanema also offers a grocery store and butcher in addition to a bakery, so you can get all of the supplies to make a divine dinner at home.

5. Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery – 4390 Kimball Bridge Road, Suite B2

red velvet cupcakes

For one of the best Hummingbird Cakes of your life, a trip to Sally’s Gluten Free Bakery is an absolute necessity. Whether you are a gluten free eater or not, Sally’s cakes are too yummy to miss. Carrot Cake, Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake, Pound Cake and more—you’ll love these baked treats and dream of another bite. Sally’s also offers Paleo Bread, Honey Nutty Bread, Sandwich Bread and more so you can make your favorite meals with gluten free baked goods.

6. Great Harvest Bread Company – 4915 Windward Parkway

row of loaves of bread

Great Harvest Bread Company is known for their amazing breads, baked and ready for you to take home and serve. Try a loaf of the Honey Whole, made with freshly ground, flavor-rich 100% whole wheat flour, pure honey, salt and yeast. Opt for the Dakota with sunflower, pumpkin and sesame seeds kneaded into the honey whole wheat dough for a crunchy, flavorful bread. Try a sweeter loaf when you get a Cinnamon Chip loaf made with flour, cinnamon chips, honey and ground cinnamon. Great Harvest recommends using the Cinnamon Chip the next time you make French toast. They also offer seasonal items so check in with the bakery to see what new options are available during your visit.

Have a “toast-ally” great time trying these Alpharetta bakeries and share your favorites with us. Snap a pic of your treat and tag us with @awesomealpharetta and #AwesomeAlpharetta.