Where to Kick-Start Your New Year’s Resolutions in Alpharetta

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People running in front of Alpharetta City Hall

We all know that 2020 is the year we’re actually going to get in shape, eat healthier and find inner peace, but it can be challenging to know where to start with health-focused goals, leaving many to give up before they’ve even really begun. If your 2019 resolutions got left in the dust, don’t worry – we’ve compiled a list of all the best ways to slay those new resolutions all over Alpharetta and amp up your health and wellness game in the new year.

Get Moving

Guy riding bike on Alpharetta Greenway

If your resolution involves getting more exercise in the new year, Alpharetta is the place for you. With plenty of opportunities to get moving like beautifully maintained parks, city-wide exercise programs and countless group exercise classes, Alpharetta will have you reaching your goals in no time!

For those who prefer to work out in the beauty of nature, Alpharetta boasts several award-winning parks and trails including the Big Creek Greenway, the city’s 8-mile paved path perfect for walking, biking, rollerblading and more. You can also rent a bike in many locations throughout Alpharetta with the city’s Zagster Bike Share program and burn some calories as you travel around town. Until January 26, you can skate through a winter wonderland ice-skating rink in the heart of Avalon at the community’s Avalon on Ice. If an indoor workout is more your speed, try one of Alpharetta’s many group exercise class experiences like Knuckle Up for boxing and mixed martial arts, Burn Bootcamp for high intensity interval training, or Lift Yoga and Body for yoga classes.

Fuel Up

Veggies at Alpharetta Farmers Market

Studies have shown that weight loss is dependent on 80% diet and 20% exercise. So, if you’re looking to shed a few pounds in 2020, eating healthier is sure to have a big impact on your goals. Alpharetta is home to endless healthy food options that will fill you up without maxing out your calories for the day. From cold pressed juices and smoothies to flavorful bowls and wraps, Alpharetta has healthy meals for any palate!

For a unique, whole food take on fast-casual dining, try any of Freshii’s nutrient rich menu items like the Oaxaca bowl, which features brown rice, kale, beet slaw, avocado, black beans, corn, salsa, wontons and spicy yogurt sauce. Top it off with chicken, steak or a meat alternative like tofu to add a little extra protein. For a poké bowl that packs a punch, stop by Kale Me Crazy in Downtown Alpharetta. Kale Me Crazy provides a variety of quick and nutritious options perfect for eating healthy on the go. For a tasty post-gym snack, head to Flavor Juicery for a superfood-filled smoothie or cold pressed juice, like the Garden Bliss, that will help detoxify your body and give you a burst of energy to keep you moving all day.

Find Your Zen

Girls spa day at Avalon

Healthy resolutions don’t have to focus solely on weight or strength. There are plenty of ways to lead a healthier life in 2020 by making self-care and de-stressing a priority. Alpharetta is home to several spas and wellness centers that help you feel as great as you look with services ranging from traditional massages and facials, to cryotherapy and even minor cosmetic procedures.

To get your knots knocked out and achy muscles soothed, or if you just need some deep relaxation to calm a busy mind, stop by Hanna Day Spa for any of their wide variety of massages like the Swedish massage, deep tissue, Thai or hot stone treatment. For a full body wellness experience, Icebox Cryotherapy offers treatments that help with athletic recovery, pain management, beauty and wellness, inflammation, and sleep issues, making it a perfect addition to your wellness routine. If cryotherapy seems a little too chilly for you, Salt n’ Sweat Wellness offers Halotherapy, also known as dry salt therapy, which is a holistic approach in which dry salt air is used to relieve respiratory and skin issues by reducing inflammation, absorbing and removing toxins and allergens, and clearing air passageways.

Whatever your healthy resolution may be, Awesome Alpharetta has plenty of ways for you to start your year off strong and achieve your goals with ease!