Tips and Tricks to Scoring an Awesome Alpharetta Game Day Getaway

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Winter may be just around the corner, but competition within the NFL is heating up! With only a couple weeks left in the regular season and less than 50 days until this season’s two best teams meet at Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it is time for football fans from across the country to set their sights on the coveted national championship title. This season the highly sought-after event is being hosted in the vibrant Alpharetta neighbor of Atlanta. Attending the big game is a once in a lifetime opportunity for football fans, but that doesn’t mean an awesome game day experience is off limits to sports enthusiasts looking to make the easy drive to Georgia for an action-packed weekend. Located just 22 miles north of bustling Atlanta, Alpharetta is ready to be your host for the big event. Check out our insider tips and tricks to planning your football fan getaway and how Alpharetta can make your game day dreams a reality.

Book Early

We all want to support our team, but if the big game is within reach, don’t wait until the final two teams are determined to make travel plans. Ticket prices, hotel fares and transportation costs tend to rise as the event draws near, and those banking on last minute deals may be setting themselves up for an even worse case of sticker shock later. For a fun football getaway without all the guilt, plan ahead and book early.

Explore Alpharetta Hotels

Alpharetta offers more than 25 accommodation options located throughout the city. All hotels are centrally located and convenient to shopping, dining, and exciting activities. The upscale and affordable Alpharetta lodging options provide guests with a budget-friendly alternative to likely sold out hotels located closer to the stadium. For smaller crowds and lower fares, explore Alpharetta’s hotels and book your stay today. As an added bonus, game day visitors staying at an Alpharetta hotel are entered into the Sleep in Alpharetta Promotion. Each week through July 2019, the Alpharetta Convention & Visitors Bureau will draw a room number from one of Alpharetta’s hotels. The lucky guest staying in that room on Saturday night will receive a $100 Gift Card.

Make it a Weekend Affair

Alpharetta is a Georgia travel hotspot with quick and easy access to more than 300 things to do. Perfectly positioned between bustling Atlanta and the breathtaking North Georgia mountains, Alpharetta is a spectacular gateway to experiencing the best that Georgia has to offer. With 250+ shops, five distinct shopping districts and 200+ culinary experiences, there is always something to see, do, taste and experience in Alpharetta. Make your game day trip even more spectacular by making it a weekend to remember in Alpharetta.

Skip the Game

It is no secret that tickets to the big game come at a premium, but don’t let the event’s price tag keep you from enjoying an affordable and exciting celebration in Alpharetta. Even if tickets to the game are out of the budget, a weekend stay in Alpharetta is fun, action-packed, and most importantly, affordable. And there will be plenty of options to be part of the excitement without a ticket including football themed events, concerts and viewing parties all over town.

Alpharetta is the perfect outpost for your championship celebration. Whether your team wins, loses or is shooting for a spot next season, Alpharetta makes for an incredible destination for bringing a big game bucket list experience to life.