3 Out-Of-The-Heart-Shaped-Box Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Alpharetta

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Valentine's Day

People tend to be from two distinct camps on the subject of Valentine’s Day—it’s either, “YAAAS! All the hearts! All the chocolate!” or it’s a hard eye roll and a sarcastic quip about a calendar date designed to make single people feel bad. If you’re the type who doesn’t buy into Valentine’s Day, it may be because you’ve been subjected to entirely too many cheesy celebrations featuring too much pink and those oddly aggressive candy heart sayings (“Love me” just feels a little forward, right?).

Fortunately, Alpharetta knows how to do Valentine’s Day in out-of-the-heart-shaped-box ways that are fun whether if you’re single as a Pringle, in a new relationship, or in a years-long partnership with your soulmate. Here are three decidedly non-cheesy ways to celebrate while you’re here:

For serious GRL PWR vibes

Round up the #squad and head over to Painting with a Twist on February 13 for Llama Love from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Get your Van Gogh on while sipping wine or champagne. And don’t worry about being any good—half the fun is creating a piece of art with a killer backstory. Once your group has created your llama masterpieces, head over to Avalon for big Carrie Bradshaw and Co. energy with strawberry basil martinis and sushi over intriguing conversation at MF Bar.

For a Valentine’s date with night moves

The Velvet Note is always a hopelessly cool option for a date night, but on February 14th from 9:30 p.m. to 11 p.m., the ante is upped thanks to an exclusive performance from Billboard Top-25 jazz fusion masters Roman Street. Soulful, sultry energy pours from Roman Street’s unique brand of Gypsy Jazz/Nuevo Flamenco fusion. Even if you’re not usually the first one on the dance floor, the intoxicating melodies amid Velvet Note’s intimate ambiance is sure to move you. Bonus points for a special Valentine’s Day dinner to be served on site at the venue.

That is just a sample of fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day in Alpharetta! Check out the full list of romantic activities and special events here.

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