Alpharetta Arboretums 

We invite you to check out the Arboretums at Cogburn Road Park, at Webb Bridge Park and at Wills Park.  An arboretum is a collection of trees for education, research and enjoyment.
Alpharetta Arboretums are sponsored by the City of Alpharetta’s Tree Commission, the Alpharetta Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Alpharetta Arboretum, Inc.  They showcase the natural setting and beauty of many native tree species of the Southeastern United States located in Wills Park, a 110 acre multi-use park located near the downtown center of Alpharetta; in Cogburn Road Park, a passive park with a large play area, walking path, playground and picnic pavilions and in Webb Bridge Park, a multiuse park featuring a unique environment that represents all three of Georgia’s geographic regions: the mountains, the Piedmont and the coastal plain.
All three parks offer many stunning examples of native tree species along paved walking trails which wind their way around and through the park.  Many street trees, parking lot trees, border, and accent trees have been planted throughout the history of the park.  These trees offer an educational perspective on the wide choices of available trees suited for planting in our urban landscape. 
Please take time to walk through the Arboretums at your own pace, enjoy the beauty and natural settings you will return to often throughout the year. 

Stop by the Alpharetta Welcome Center for these brochures and many more!