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Serious treats to try in every Alpharetta neighborhood!

October 19, 2017

Before you rush out to some big-box store for a boring bag of candy to satiate your sugar cravings, take a sec to explore the sweetly unique neighborhoods right here in Alpharetta! Whether you’re into creamy and cold, frosted and fluffy, or you’re looking to indulge gluten-free, there’s always enough sugar to go around in town. Here are our must-try sweet spots in each neighborhood:



Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

If you’re going to have “splendid” in your name, you’d better be able to back it up—and Jeni’s doesn’t just back it up, this ice cream shop practically screams dee-eee-licious! Jeni’s boasts uniquely smooth ice cream with a rich buttercream body complete with a bright flavor and smooth finish. On top of the delightful texture, this ice cream epicenter offers feel-good flavors like Sweet Cream Biscuits and Peach Jam, Wildberry Lavender, and Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet, all completely free of artificial flavors and colors! If you can’t decide on just one (and who could blame you), opt for a flight for a sample of multiple mini-scoops. Napkin, nap, and repeat!


Kremo Ice Cream

At Kremo, the locally-sourced cream and all-natural flavors rock, but it’s the roll that makes these yummy wonders really wow us. At this totally en vogue dessert experience, the house-made ice cream is hand-chopped, then spread out on a freezing pan, and finally—drum roll—rolled into creamy, cold, conical treats. The presentation makes for a fun spin on a classic tastebud tingle, and the selection of everything from Rum Raisin to Black Sesame, Salted Caramel to Tiramisu with plenty of intrigue in between ensures a treat twisted to suit even the pickiest of palates.


Downtown Alpharetta

Da Vinci’s Donuts

Upon first glance, one might see Da Vinci’s Donuts are being a bit diminutive. Then again, there’s a reason they say big things come in small packages, because these hand-dipped donuts pack a wallop of decadent flavor. They’re so good, in fact, that they landed on Thrillest’s 2016 list of The 33 Best Donut Shops in America! These cake-style morsels are light, tender, and offer just the right amount of savory crunch. Because they’re individually “dipped” upon being ordered right at the counter, you can bet your sweet self you’ll find exactly what you’re in search of. You can choose from a variety of unique toppings like Fruity Pebbles and Cannoli Pieces for a make-your-own customization or choose from best-sellers like Maple Bacon, Cinnamon Roll, Powdered Sugar, and—of course—Sprinkles! You’ll likely find yourself in two schools of thought when it comes to the size of these craveworthy works of art: 1) Smaller = less guilt at time of consumption or 2) Smaller = you can eat twice as many!


Four Fat Cows

While you may count sheep to sleep, the pep in your step ought to come courtesy of Four Fat Cows. Here, you’ll find a variety of espresso-laden beverages with plenty of caffeinated zing, but it’s the sippable sweetness available via Four Fat Cows’ shakes and sludges that that inspires us to include the Downtown Alpharetta dessert haven on this list. What, oh what, is a sludge? Quite simply: It’s a milkshake, only thicker! We say go for a classic rich chocolate sludge or an old school root beer float complete with epic hand-scooped vanilla ice cream! A plethora of perfectly delightful ice cream flavors you’ve always adored along with a few vegan sorbets as well, there’s no excuse not to get a moooove on to Four Fat Cows when that snack attack hits!


2B Whole Gluten Free European Bakery

2B Whole European Gluten-Free Bakery,  nestled in the heart of Downtown Alpharetta, is an ideal spot for a decadent bite sans grain! Whether you’re gluten-free by choice or chance or you’re simply in the mood for something deliciously different, this birthday and wedding cake-go bakery boasts a brilliant mix of old school pastries with new school surprises. The Greek beignets and cream cheese and strawberry-filled fried raviolis are just a couple of can’t-miss items that demonstrate 2B’s classic-meets-cool vibe.


North Point

Scream’n Nuts

For anyone who has ever been faced with the age-old question of determining a favorite dessert, Scream’n Nuts has two words for you: Donut Cone. Yep. Creamy dreamy scoops of ice cream with sprinkles or chunks of Reese’s packed tightly within an ice cream cone made from donut dough. The buttery-flaky goodness of the donut paired with the velvety texture of ice cream varietals like Crème Brulee and Nutty Nutella is poised for confectionary greatness. Crazy-cool toppings like technicolor bubblegum buttercream and delicate white chocolate bark make for an artsy addition to donuts and cones alike. Come hungry, and be prepared to leave with a new favorite!


Macaron Queen

(North Point Mall at American Girl Entrance)
Delicate composition, pretty pastel hues, and a lightly sweet sensation make macaroons a treat fit for royalty at Macaron Queen. The classic French dessert is elevated to brand new heights (just check out the towers of colorful macarons available!) with a lowered calorie count thanks to a reduction in sugar and fat. And while each macaron at Macaron Queen clocks just 45 to 75 calories, the patisserie certainly doesn’t skimp on flavor with these lightened bites. There’s even a bar on site providing an array of libations to further enhance your sweet escape. Indulge in a little bubbly while you say, “Oui oui,” to decadent macaron selections like Red Velvet, Pistachio, Double Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry Italian Crème with Chocolate Shavings.


Windward Parkway

Jilly’s Cupcakery

The cupcakes, pull apart cakes, and cookies courtesy of Jilly’s Cupcakery are baked fresh daily and come out of the oven downright sumptuous! Every day ten staple flavors like the are presented with three additional rotating varieties (not to mention vegan and gluten-free options). The cupcake itself is a cloud-like texture, while the masterful peak of frosting at the apex of the confection serves as a rich complement regardless of which cupcake you select. Be sure not to skip out on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake—vanilla cake batter chocked full of cookie dough cream filling and topped off with silken brown sugar frosting. Adventurous eaters will definitely have their curiosity piqued by rotating selections like Lavender Honey, Mimosa, and Blackberry Angelfood. Feel like it’s your birthday any day of the year with a stop over to Jilly’s—candle optional!


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