Alpharetta History Walk

Step back in time using the complimentary Alpharetta History Walk brochure, available at the Alpharetta Welcome Center, and explore the earlier days of this beautiful city. Nineteen historical markers, located within walking distance of one another, tell the story of Alpharetta’s past. You’ll learn what industry used to drive the city’s economy and what buildings served uniquely different purposes than their modern-day functions. Plus, there’s no better time to bring up a discussion of your own family’s history. So gather the grandparents and bring along the youngsters – this walk down memory lane is not to be missed!
Start your journey at the Alpharetta Welcome Center
Make a weekend out of it with our "Walk Down Memory Lane" itinerary
Explore the History Walk Brochure
Did you know one of the communities that preceded the creation of Alpharetta was called Farm House?  Read more about the history of our town.